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This year, the military enlistment offices “zagrebut” all graduates

The overwhelming majority of students in higher and secondary special educational institutions, planning to graduate in 2008, has yet to realize that, in connection with the entry into force of new legislation on conscription in the army they would be no later than July 15. College graduates hoping to enter a university, and students completing studies at the university, might be planning to continue their education in graduate school. Unfortunately, military enlistment offices are not on the side of those who thirst for knowledge drives.

In connection with the extension of time calling many college graduates, colleges and vocational schools will no longer be able to enter a university without going through military service. Incidentally, this also applies to graduates of the police college. University graduates seeking to continue their education in graduate school and has submitted documents, in turn, can not go there, before they will be served in the armed forces. Freshly holders of matriculation certificates, leaving the native walls of high school, go directly to the army, if at the time of graduation, they reached the age of 18.

Any student ceases to be just at the time of graduation (typically this occurs before July 1). Thus, the extension of the appeal until July 15 gives the possibility to give the military enlistment office to all graduates of the agenda to send to the troops. From the standpoint of the law, they are no longer eligible for deferment. The fact that, as a rule, by July 15, none of the potential student or graduate has no documents confirming his status (they become available it is not until August).

30 March 2008

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