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The first fight Vasilyeva: Russia needs a man, not a consumer

Fears grantees Western funds and Russophobes just beginning to put into practice much faster than they had expected. The new head of the Ministry of Education Olga Vasilyeva has not become a long swing and launched an attack on the main postulate Fursenko-Livanov: “We need consumers” in several ways. Last night, she fired several high-ranking functionaries of the Ministry of Education, who were responsible for information policy, property and personnel at Dmitry Livanov.

Among the dismissed - Deputy Minister Alexander Klimov, Alexander and Ekaterina Tolstikova Povalko. They lost their seats and heads of leading departments: Department of Information Policy (Anna Usachev), Property Department (Alexander Kharchenko), Department of Civil Service, staff and case management (Vladimir Golubovskii) and the department of state policy in the sphere of education of children and youth (Alexander Stradze). “Stradze she fired first, were fired on the people who were responsible for important areas of work of the Ministry - public relations, property issues and personnel”, - according to RBC.

One administrative reshuffle is not going to be limited Vasilyeva - coming changes in the education system, as the new minister said in the eve of the Day of Knowledge in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, and during a conversation with my parents. Some of her remarks immediately became a sensation s a bitter pill for the liberal pro-western “fifth column.”

The keynote speech by Olga Vasilyeva at all sites was the setting for the return of educational components in the educational process. “I will do everything possible to extracurricular time was directed to the development and formation of the student as a person,” - said Vasilyev, adding that school teachers should devote more time to the education of students in their civic, rather than “train on the exam.”

Olga Vasilyeva also swung to the “holy” for the champions of “freedom of the individual against itself,” announced plans to restrict the free Internet in schools. “I believe that the Internet in schools should be preventive replacement to a child engaged in vigorous activity, sports, music, to distract him from the constant desire to sit all the time on the net.”, - Said the Minister.

Another important revelation minister had promised to return the required labor lessons in school (at present they are not everywhere): “Without hard work, no skills that first of all we owe the family and the school without the skills to work every hour, every moment, to receive advances from the labor we do not can live “, - said the Minister of Labour in response to the return of the lessons in school. - “” Who is this subject that we are so loved and called “work”, and that gave us the very same skills that we have carried through his life, this “technology”. In 2017 it will be launched. Everything that relates to “make your hands” and that really needs to be done hands, because not only high-tech - a future where the buttons, buttons, buttons, that’s great, but the hands we should be able to do and to teach him everything. ”

Also Olga Vasilyeva said that Russian schools will be phased out from the lessons on Saturday, moving to five-day period does not affect only the tenth and eleventh grades. Will change the approach to the favorite child of the reformers of the State Department of Education for the training manual - USE: The first time this year will be an oral part - the Russian language and literature, will be removed test items with ready answers for physics, chemistry and biology. “If the experiment is deemed successful, and think about the fact how many graduating classes have been talking about the benefits of the old, not the test system when the student presents his personal response to the teacher.” - Said Vasiliev about the exam.

Another important point was the decision to gradually return to the unified standards in school and that it is necessary to minimize the differences in the programs: when moving from one region to the other students are often confronted with an entirely new curricula. We hope that this applies primarily to the lessons of history - to create a single history textbook for many years say the Patriots, President Putin more than two years ago, gave corresponding instructions MoE - but it still sabotaged Fursenko, Livanov, and the like. The results of such sabotage can be observed in Ukraine - where published in the Soros money lying history books raised a generation of mutants not remembering kinship, faced the Russian part of the world with its civilized way into the chaos of civil war.

5 September 2016

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Russian schools have to work around the clock, because the main task of the educational institution - the education of children in the spirit of civil society.