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Warm up at gunpoint: Shocking footage of Ukrainian children’s camp

Shocking video of the morning warm-up in a children’s camp, which with the help of the machine holds a Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi from Ternopol, can not leave anyone indifferent parents.

First, we see how one of the children crouches down the line, it is obvious for some offense, then the neo-Nazi, suggesting children automaton commands spread out in a line on an outstretched hand.

Judging by the way the children were shaking, cold morning. One of the children wrapped in a blanket, which compels him to remove neo-Nazi rude shout: “Hey, blond, you do not need a blanket.”

By the end of the warm-up machine sight he did not descend from the children.

Apparently, the “counselor” is a nationalist and neo-fascist Ternopil Nicholas Marco, a former member of the punitive operation in Donbas.

Source: rusvesna.su

In his profile on a social network, he places a photo of the children’s camp.

According to available information, these children from Mariupol, in this case, cruelty becomes clear: the potential separatists, according to Ukrainian followers Asman and von Schirach, in need of re-education.

Source: rusvesna.su

3 September 2016

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British media have published photos of the special camps, where soldiers of the battalion "Azov" teach children to shoot »»»
The British newspaper Daily Mail published an article, which tells about the camp near Kiev, in which members of a neo-Nazi group "Azov" teach children from six years to use firearms.
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The top ten schools of the peninsula, which were Ukrainian
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Teens will enjoy a complimentary clubs, sections and circles that are in other schools, not only to the extent where the study.
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Flaw in the educational work - to such a conclusion was working committee Administration of Rostov region.
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A strange, incomprehensible initiative of the authorities: children are being forced to bring to school any portfolio, which - all information about them, until the recreation and so on.