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Medications will be issued on electronic prescriptions

Medications will be issued electronically rather than paper prescriptions - implementation of such a system is provided for in the “road map” for the development of telemedicine technologies in Russia, which has been prepared by the Expert Council under the Russian government and sent to the Ministry of Health for approval. Pilot implementation of the provision of telemedicine services (part of which is the issuance of electronic prescriptions) should be launched in four regions of Russia - Tatarstan, the Moscow region, Moscow and Kaluga region - before the beginning of 2017. The press service of the Ministry of Health reported that support the transition to electronic prescriptions.

- This will significantly reduce the time of writing out a prescription, would eliminate the error in the appointment, re-appointment simplify, - explained in the press service of the Ministry of Health.

The text of the “road map” it is said that before the check-electronic prescription becomes available, it is necessary to modify the rules of conducting the state register of medicines. Responsible for the implementation of the Ministry of Health listed. Now this registry already exists. It contains information about the medicines registered in Russia. Keeping the registry is engaged in the Ministry of Health.

Head of “Internet + Medicine” Committee of IRI, Professor, Department of Medical Informatics of the 1st Medical University. THEM. Sechenov Georgy Lebedev said that before it will be possible to write electronic prescriptions, it is necessary to solve a number of problems: legitimize the register of doctors, as he now exists, and is conducted by Ministry of Health, but has no official status. In addition, to create a separate register of electronic prescriptions. This system will have access to pharmacies and doctors.

According to Lebedev, the data of the patient will be given an electronic prescription or the identification number of the policy of compulsory health insurance and the number of drugs from the register of medicinal products.

The press service of the Ministry of Health to “News” said that they have prepared a bill which provided the right of doctors to write electronic prescriptions by putting his electronic signature.
The head of the social network “Doctor at work” Stanislav Sazhin said that 60% of medicines according to the law must be dispensed in a pharmacy with a prescription, but actually dispensed by prescription only drugs for privileged categories of citizens, or medicines that contain narcotic substances.

- Doctors are afraid to prescribe drugs. They can be a lot of time to play it safe and build a consultation of several doctors before a prescription. After all, if they are incorrect diagnosis and write out the recipe does not need the patient, they can attract a partner for the distribution of drugs - said Stanislav Sazhin. - Pharmacists for the same reason are afraid to issue such drugs, because they may not recognize the fake prescription. By law, a list of drugs that should be issued on prescription, is very large. For example, “Viagra” or contraceptives should sell prescription. If this is not a preparation containing drugs the doctor prescribes any certificate or any other piece of paper, but not an official recipe.

According to Stanislav Sazhin, this is due to the fact that there is no liability for the sale of drugs without a prescription, if they do not contain narcotic and potent substances.

2 September 2016

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