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Eton College Pupils met in the Kremlin with Putin surprised the British press

The British press was surprised to find that students of Eton College, which is one of the most prestigious private schools, which traditionally finish the elite and the UK royal family, privately met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said “Russian service of the BBC.”

11 college students meeting with the head of the Russian Federation in the Kremlin took place a week ago, but the newspaper The Telegraph and The Sun wrote about it just now, finding a record of the event and photos to Facebook.

Both newspapers noted that itontsy ahead of British Prime Minister Theresa May, the first meeting with Putin, which is to be held September 4-5 at the summit of the “twenty” in China.

On arrival Eton college students in Moscow on August 24 has informed television channel RT. However, a meeting with Putin in the message was not mentioned. Itontsy talked with reporters RT. “The students of one of the most prestigious universities of the world RT talked about his views on world politics, Russian-British relations and Breksa”, - stated in the publication.

The suspected lobbying trip “Putin’s confessor”

It is noteworthy that some of the band members in their records on social networks Thank You for the trip, among others, “Bishop Tikhon.” This fact gave reason to believe that the trip could lobby Egoryevsky Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov), who is considered the spiritual father of Putin.

Assistant Bishop Tikhon Evgeny Markin said “Russian service of the BBC” that college students have turned to the priest and asks if they can not visit Russia, during the bishop’s visit to Eton in March this year. According to Markin, the visit was very special, “at the invitation of the college students.”

Bishop advised itontsam appeal to Putin to the meeting, stressing that the decision may take only the president himself. Thereafter itontsy wrote an appeal and handed him over to the presidential administration and the Russian leader said yes.

The content of the conversation with the Russian president itontsami Evgeny Markin did not say, stressing that it was a private meeting.

“Two hours with President Putin”

On his impressions of the meeting participants in the Kremlin told the social networks by posting photographs and. “Two hours with President Putin,” - wrote on August 26 on Facebook Trenton BRIC, adding that in person the president appeared small in stature, but nevertheless filled the entire space.

Source: scontent.xx.fbcdn.net

“It took me 10 months to this, 1040 e-mails, 1000 SMS, countless sleepless nights … But here we are,” - he told the party on Facebook, and apparently one of the initiators of the trip David Wei - Eton student from China. On his page, he also published a photo, which depicts young people meeting with Putin.

“Guys, we really could make a deep impression on Putin, and he showed us his response to the human person”, - said Wei.

Source: scontent.xx.fbcdn.net

Eton College spokesman meanwhile told reporters that an institution nothing to do with this trip is not - the visit was purely a personal initiative of its members. According to BBC reports, the participants of the meeting with Putin at first wanted to issue it as a visit of the official delegation of Eton, but the college refused.

The Eton College has traditionally brought up the children of the British elite. From it, in particular, came 19 British Prime Ministers, including the penultimate, David Cameron, politicians, businessmen, actors and writers such as Boris Johnson, Hugh Laurie, George Orwell. He graduated from the royals - Prince Harry and William.

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