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Branch Petersburg Nakhimov military schools to be established in Murmansk - Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin was satisfied with how organized learning and life at the branch of the St. Petersburg Nakhimov military schools in Vladivostok.
“On a visit at the time of the Sevastopol area, and the Vladivostok Now I still have the best impression you tried to create all conditions for life, and for a full study a lot of attention paid to the possibility of additional education and creative realization of pupils..”, - Said Vladimir Putin Vladivostok during a teleconference with the St. Petersburg school and its branch at Sevastopol.
The President noted that the main task - to support the desire of young people to serve the Fatherland.
“It is gratifying that here we can rely on the experience and traditions of such famous schools as the Nakhimov military St. Petersburg College I consider it important that Nakhimov will prepare also Vladivostok and Sevastopol.”, - Stressed the President.
Putin added that the Russian Defense Ministry has instructed to establish a branch in Murmansk “, so that those young people who love the sea, seeking to link their lives to the sea, were as close as possible to our fleet - the Baltic, Pacific and to the Northern fleet. “

31 August 2016

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