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Emomali Rahmon said the great importance of the Russian language in Tajikistan

Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon said the great importance of the Russian language for a modern society in Tajikistan. The corresponding statement he made at the opening ceremony of new academic buildings of the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University, the press service of the Tajik state.
“Of great importance for the Russian language in our society it is not a declarative, and the real nature and constitution of the country behind it has the status of lingua franca”, - he stressed. Rakhmon recalled that Tajikistan was “one of the first at the legislative level has approved the state program to improve the teaching of foreign languages, including Russian.” “In the state standards of primary, secondary and higher education for the Russian language the status of a compulsory subject is fixed, it is studied in all secondary schools of the country already since the second grade” - the president added.
He also noted that in the 27 schools of the republic, “including in the school at the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University, as well as more than 130 classes at educational institutions training the country being completely in Russian.”
Rahmon drew attention to the fact that last year the government adopted a new six-year program of study and teaching of the Russian language, and stressed that “remains urgent issue of our educational institutions relevant teaching staff, textbooks and manuals.” “In this case, we rely on the support and assistance of our Russian friends - Rahmon said -. On this occasion, we are the first days of cooperation between our countries in the field of education have repeatedly appealed to the Russian side, including at the highest level.”
Construction of the new building of the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University, started in 2012. It consists of three five-story buildings. Now in high school will be able to train more than 1 thousand. Students, the press service of the head of state.
Since the founding of the university in 1996, it has trained over 20 thousand. Professionals.

30 August 2016

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