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Mongolia’s Armed Forces Division arrived on the territory of Russia for participation in international exercises “Selenga 2016″

Units of the Armed Forces of Mongolia came to the range of the Eastern Military District “Burdun”, located in the Republic of Buryatia, to participate in the joint Russian-Mongolian scientists “Selenga-2016″, “Interfax” on Monday, head of the press service of the Eastern Military District, Colonel Alexander Gordeyev.
“For they have completed customs procedures, we completed the unloading of military equipment. The solemn meeting dedicated to meeting participants in international exercises, attended by a military band and the creative teams of amateur performances of the Eastern Military District compounds railway station Naushki (Republic of Buryatia). Then soldiers of the Armed Forces of Mongolia will take a 30 kilometer march to the field camp landfill “Burdun” “, - said Gordeyev.
From the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia in the teaching of “The Selenga-2016″ attended by Task Force infantry battalion, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks T-72, BM-21 multiple rocket launcher systems, mortars, self-propelled anti-aircraft installation “Shilka”. There are about 50 units of armaments and military equipment, and up to 500 military personnel.

The exercise sun Mongolian servicemen will take part in the competition, “Tank biathlon”, separate and joint training on conducting reconnaissance and search operations, stage combat shooting, Gordeyev said.

29 August 2016

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