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In Ukraine was accused of separatism Jesus Christ

So-called Ukrainian “activists” no longer know where to show their patriotism. Some wear shorts national flag colors and other color in the color bins and toilets, others running around naked, putting on intimate places patriotic colors - of course, the yellow-blue.

But in the town of Baranovka baranovtsy went even further - they saw the image of Jesus Christ threat to Ukrainian statehood and the onset of the “Russian world”. And accused him of separatism. And if you need to fight against separatism, we decided to do it immediately.

Therefore, the image of Jesus Christ, created by artists on the wall of the former traffic police post in the town of Baranovka Zhytomyr region regarded as a manifestation of separatism and decided to destroy. It is reported by the blog village Baranovka.

“Baranivka” - the name of the town speaks for itself.

As told to the deputy district council Oleg Baranovsky Kowalski, Moore’s decision to destroy was made on August 22, at a round table with participation of representatives of political parties, civil society organizations and activists. Artists were invited to sketch the image, but they refused.

“Then we decided that we do it ourselves”, - said the deputy.

August 23 Murano with the image of Jesus Christ has been painted over with white paint.

“Any manifestation or hint of separatism or the” Russian world “, we will eradicate in spite of the ranks or the party affiliation”, - said Oleg Kovalsky share.

At the site of the destroyed image, he said, they will set national flags.

“And then let the community decide what to do with this check point”, - concluded the deputy.

According to the website “Orthodox life,” Image of Jesus Christ from the Gospel quote “Love your neighbor as yourself” was created on the outer wall of the former post of GAI, which is located at the intersection of Dubrovsky highway and Day, artist Vladimir Kravchuk and Valentin Retmanom at the request of the City Council. The plan for the City Day, 21 September, to put on the sacred images and other posts of traffic police.

Comments to this post on the small-town site is very eloquent.

“Now for all, and opened the Bolshevik habits have not forgotten the former Komsomol as taught by their great leader and which nourished face here they would be at the forefront although there are definitely not needed ignorant WM Taras delivered on antimaydan their employees on a daily basis and kashperotu headed by the chairman Murawski pravelno road go comrades AFRAID OF THE COURT of God A FLAG STATE LRC SKOTINYAKI ”

“Mr. Kowalski and your lads you have any brains dried up, where’s the hint of separatism or the Russian world, you have nothing to do? You people have asked Shaw to do, people like you drive the necessary three-neck with our mayor that flag to hang in there, where it was previously. SHAME “.

“Survived - Lord” separatist “And became a kind -. Adult intelligent people Good anti-advertising itself did.”.
Source: antifashist.com
Look at these “inspired” face. It is about such a proverb - “When there is nothing of the dog, it licks the eggs.” However, these sheep are not accustomed to lick various places representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. Therefore, this action can be safely nominated for the main prize “Lizun year.”

26 August 2016

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