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Course shoulders: as noodles became the currency of the prisoners in the US

The American sociologist Michael Gibson-Light conducted a study and found that the deterioration of the quantity and quality of food in US prisons has led to the fact that the prisoners began to be used as a currency is not cigarettes, and instant noodles. RT found out whether there is such a practice in the Russian prisons.

The study was conducted in one of the US government prisons, whose name is not reported for reasons of confidentiality, according to The Guardian. According to the sociologist, food deterioration was due to the reduction in funding of penitentiary institutions in the country.

Michael Gibson-Light interviewed prisoners each month for a year. “Instant noodles ramen easy to reach and there is a lot of calories,” - he said.

“Many of them (prisoners -. RT) work, engaged in physical exercise, but it does not have enough energy so why it happened that it was ramen.” - Leads edition of the words of the sociologist.

RT decided to find out how things are going with this question in Russian prisons. Former prisoner Ilya, who was serving his sentence in a minimum security prison, said that in Russia this social phenomenon is not observed.

“In Russian prisons in recent years there was an economic breakthrough, began to be used the usual money Earlier, when it was more strictly and firmly, used cigarettes:. Black” Peter “and white” Parliament “. This two coins: smaller, larger” , - he explained.

According to Ilya, cigarettes - is the most common currency, it is used even by those who do not smoke. In addition, in the prisons, where cell phones are allowed, prisoners are increasingly used by non-cash calculation.

“Money in the zone is prohibited, but there are now and cashless payments, so you can make the transfer via the mobile phone.”, - Said Ilya.

24 August 2016

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