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ONF in St. Petersburg discussed with the heads of educational institutions of implementation of his orders in the field of education

In St. Petersburg, on the floor of the regional branch of the ONF held discussions on the implementation of the decrees and orders of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education. The meeting participants exchanged views on the most important issues and made suggestions to improve the quality of execution of orders of the Head of State. The event was held with the participation of representatives of the regional branch of the ONF in St. Petersburg Sergei Boyarsky, Fateicheva Vitali, Constantine Tkhostova, as well as heads of educational institutions, experts and activists.
The President of Russia, the leader of the Popular Front Putin in July 2016 launched the new priority projects in the social sphere. One of the challenges has been named as the increase in the availability of basic education and further.
“Activists ONF constantly participate directly in the public monitoring of the implementation of the President’s instructions today during the meeting, we discussed important topics that the Popular Front does not ignore:. President orders the execution of the maintenance of students in mainstream programs free textbooks, the availability of additional education, issues first aid to children in school, as well as the problem of excessive reporting and remuneration system of teachers “, - said Sergey Boyarsky.
Member of the regional headquarters ONF Constantine Tkhostov said that the school is prepared more than 300 reports a year, including answers to a lot of duplication of requests: “Workflow Management charged with the duty of teachers to the detriment of their core activity - work with students stream of new requests from. various departments is growing at the interregional forum ONF in Stavropol, Russian President, the leader of the Popular front of Vladimir Putin has set a clear goal -.. simplify reporting and thus give teachers more time for training and education of students should be legal to consolidate the list of mandatory accounting documents educational institutions and. teachers should have the right to refuse to provide information beyond this list can place basic information on the activities of the schools on their websites if some departments need more information -.. even turning on request. ”
In addition to discussing the problems that lie ahead, ONF representatives spoke about the positive results of public monitoring of the ONF in St. Petersburg to comply with legislation on the prohibition of sale of tobacco products near educational institutions. In the summer of 2015 the Popular Front activists in St. Petersburg held a monitoring of compliance with legislation. There have been raids on addresses 45 schools on the appeals of parents and students. 26 offenders were found selling cigarettes at a distance of less than 100 m. From the school.
“After the intervention of the ONF number of outlets that sell cigarettes in the vicinity of schools, reduced Unfortunately, suppressed the activity is not all offenders, but the issue took a positive trend.” - Said co-chair of the ONF regional headquarters in St. Petersburg, Vitaly Fateichev.

18 August 2016

««« Schools, kindergartens and hospitals - on the altar of the stadium Minister of Education of the Russian Federation appointed Olga Vasilyeva »»»

Murmansk participate in the All-Russian Education Forum in Penza. »»»
Today was officially launched in Penza forum ONF "Quality education - in the name of the country.
ONF experts discussed the order of the President of the Russian Federation on health »»»
March 21, 2016 in Tomsk regional branch of the All-Russia People's Front held a meeting of the subgroup "policy in the health sector" working group "Social Justice".
ONF: Higher education institutions and the government needs to step up efforts to create the conditions for learning disabled students »»»
The effectiveness of measures of people with disabilities will be actively discussed in the November 17 opens "Action Forum" ONF.
Tomsk ONF activists dealt with the question of the education of children with speech disorders in mainstream schools »»»
Activists regional branch of the All-Russia People's Front in the
The authorities of the Tomsk region supported the ONF on the project "Mobile Teacher" »»»
The authorities of the Tomsk region supported the regional branch of the All-Russia People's Front on the implementation of the project area in the region, "Mobile Teacher".