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Schools, kindergartens and hospitals - on the altar of the stadium

To finish the stadium on Krestovsky, Smolny is ready to sacrifice the timing input three dozen objects - kindergartens, schools, hospitals. At the St. Petersburg construction of the century “will transfer” 2.6 billion rubles earmarked for social infrastructure. Money invested in the second round, will return later, is calculated in advance. And you can not hurry with the construction of social facilities.

The Construction Committee has prepared a draft decree on the redistribution of the budget in 2016. By law, the agency can redirect up to 10% of its targeted investment program, that is 2.8 billion rubles, officially spoken in the committee on construction.

Unofficially, the interlocutors in the Smolny explain - the former general contractor for the construction of the stadium “ETS-SPb” not mastered 3.6 billion rubles in advances. Part of the work and materials purchased by the company can still pass until August 25, a month after breaking contracts. But if you set off the entire amount will not be possible, the city will collect the money or with a contractor or with VTB Bank, which guaranteed the execution of works.

In matters of money back to rely on the goodwill of companies are not worth it, in practice. The Committee is still suing VTB due a refund under the contracts for the construction of indoor ice rinks, terminated more than a year ago.

Protracted litigation strategy Smolny does not fit. Finish the stadium before the end of this year - it is the city government honor. Therefore, the committee decided to transfer to the main part of the construction of St. Petersburg resources earmarked for kindergartens and schools. Do not touch only the input objects, which are planned to pass this year.

The calculation is simple - as long as the construction of social facilities a bit slow. But by the end of the year will pass the stadium, advances back to the budget, and the long-awaited construction again gain the proper tempo.

Most budget cuts affect health clinics and hospitals. With these facilities the Construction Committee decided to withdraw nearly a billion.

In the quarter of a billion will reduce the cost of one of the city protracted - the perinatal center of the 9th hospital Ordzhonikidze Street, 47. There the doctors were preparing to nurse premature and sick newborns, reasoning about modern operating rooms and intensive care. And the building is really planning to surrender at the end of 2015. But now the company “Strojkomplekt” a former top manager of JSC “Baltstroy” Dmitry and Alexey Torchinsky Torchinsky new deadline - the end of 2017-th.

Kolpintsam also have to wait to enter a new surgical building 33th hospital. This year, its completion will leave only 1 million rubles. A 155 million - will translate into the construction of the football arena. However, the playground on the street Pavlovskaya frozen for a year. Construction Committee canceled the contract with one contractor, and the new - and not concluded.

However, residents Kolpino will not have to wait alone. In the list of objects, whose construction will be delayed, as were outpatient clinics in Strelna and in the Red Selo substation ambulance in Metallostroy housing and children’s tuberculosis sanatorium in Ushkovo.

16 August 2016

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