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The ships of the Russian Navy, carrying cruise missiles “Caliber”, from 15 August to begin teaching in the Mediterranean and the Caspian Sea

Russian naval strike group (IBM) from 15 August to begin tactical exercises in the eastern Mediterranean. On the same day will start naval maneuvers in the south-western part of the Caspian Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry informs.

Maneuvers in the Mediterranean held on the basis of the plan of combat training of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF). The structure includes the latest IBM small missile ships (RTO) “Serpukhov” and “Green dollars”, several Navy support ships.
According to the War Department, MRC “Serpukhov” and “Green dollars” in cooperation with the ships of the Russian Navy DC control connections in the Mediterranean will fulfill a number of tasks, such as “Run artillery and rocket fire in the conditions close to the fighting.”
As part of the Black Sea Fleet perform tasks similar two RTOs “Serpukhov” and “Green dollars”. It ships modernized series “Buyan-M”, which, in addition to means of self-defense, equipped with the latest complex “Caliber-NK”.

Previously, the Navy ships loaded with missiles “Caliber” strikes on targets located in Syria, a terrorist organization LIH (banned in Russia).
During the exercises in the Mediterranean will test the ability of the Navy to act in crisis situations involving threats of a terrorist nature, informed the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In particular, “Serpukhov” and “Green dollars” in cooperation with the ships of the permanent task force of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean will work the organization due to the signal fed in accordance with the International Code of Signals (MCS - 65), the task to assist the emergency ship is damaged a result of the terrorist attacks.
In addition, they said the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, will be worked out action to intercept and detain the vessel - the offender with terrorists on board.

15 August 2016

««« In Russia, the increased interest in the engineering and teaching professions Schools, kindergartens and hospitals - on the altar of the stadium »»»

Combat training missions antiterrorist worked for the Russian Navy in the passage of the Suez Canal »»»
Large anti-submarine ship (BOD) of the Northern Fleet (NF) "Vice-Admiral Kulakov.
During the exercise, "Caucasus" with Crimea airfields lifted into the air for more than 20 fighters, estimates of S-300 and S-400 fulfilled their conditional use »»»
Aviation Southern Military District fulfills reflected massive raid imaginary enemy during the exercises "Caucasus-2016", reported Thursday the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
In Russia celebrate the 225th anniversary of the victory of the Black Sea fleet at the Battle of Cape Tendra in the war against the Turks for the Crimea »»»
Day of military glory - the 225th anniversary of the victory of the Black Sea Fleet squadron under the command of Rear Admiral Fyodor Ushakov over the Turks at Cape Tendra mark in today's Russia.
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Military units from the Southern, Western and Central military districts.
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August 12, 2000 nuclear submarine K-141 "Kursk" (Project 949A "Antey".