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Russian schoolchildren took the gold of two Olympiads

Russian schoolchildren have returned with a cargo of “gold” with two prestigious international subject Olympiads in the world. There are competing most talented children of the world. Four medals the highest standard we have won at the Olympiad in Physics in Zurich. In the overall standings, our country has taken the fourth place, behind the teams from China, Korea and Taiwan. The same crop of awards collected and Mathematical Olympiad in Hong Kong.

About how the guys went to his starry hour, we decided to ask the coach in mathematics Nazir Agakhanov. He is Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics MIPT, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Why do Chinese people smarter than everyone else?

- Our main rivals - it is the Chinese, the Koreans and the US national team, where immigrants from China are also missing. Why teams from Asia so much favor?

- In order to succeed in mathematics, we need talent and hard work. We have a very talented guys who love to work. But they have such a huge motivation as the guys from Asia, for whom victory in the Olympic Games - this is almost the only way to build a successful life path. And there is a second reason: in the 90 years we have started a strong decline in school education, and its consequences, we feel right now. School teachers received a penny, in pedagogical universities acted as a residual. A weak teacher can not raise a gifted child of single bets, so we saw him and helped further unleash their talent. We have many areas where we do not get gifted children. Of course, not because they are not. Simply teachers can not reveal them. Here we are now in the “Sirius” started inviting regions that do not shine at the Olympics to try to find themselves gifted children.

We used to compete with the Chinese, and then we went around South Korea and the United States. The Koreans have made great efforts to make quality secondary education. They understood that the foundation of the future prosperity and security of the state.

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Russian national team

Where they lose Einstein

- What else Eastern “tigers” are strong?

- There is another factor. We now have duration of 11 years of education, and in many countries, including in China - 12 years. It oznachat that they have older guys, but in this age very quickly going creative growth.

- What are these guys waiting for? How are the fate of the winners of previous competitions?

- Differently. Almost all the guys-olimpiadniki selected Russian universities, because we have a very strong school of mathematics. And then part ways. Many successful not in science, and in other areas. For example, right now in many areas we need good intelligence, and Olympians certainly remarkable in this respect. They are happy to take work in the business. Many guys rob us of IT-technology, it is interesting and even more money to pay. Well, and many are professors, university teachers. In any team there are guys who are engaged in science, in spite of any adversity. In reality, science do not need dozens of strong scientists. Because the science of moving those units that are lucky enough to make breakthrough discoveries. But it is a pity that some of the outstanding personalities of science is lost.

HOW TO CON Mathematical Olympiad

- Now start another Olympics - sports. She rocked doping scandals. And do you have similar stories, can be attributed to the competition?

- Unfortunately yes. Several years ago, the team was disqualified North Korea. There’s a violation has been established it is obvious, but there have been cases with other teams when clear evidence was not, but had full confidence in obtaining incorrect results.

- And how to cheat on Mathematical Olympiads?

- We have a conservative organization, the rules of which were developed in the 70s, 80s. There were no modern means of communication. Typically, before the start of the Olympic Games team leaders gathered together, collected objects and translate them into the languages ​​of their countries. But now there is a possibility that using a smartphone or other gadget to convey a hint to his disciples. I raised the question of whether to make changes to the rules. But his colleagues rejected, because it could be interpreted as a sign of mistrust. At the fair participation in the International Olympiad (IMO) of all teams, the results would be much different.

- Who suspect?

- I’ll tell you in another way: there are four teams from the top teams, who act honestly. This is Russia, the USA, China and Korea.

- They say that at the Olympics by the authors of two of the six tasks become Russian mathematicians.

- Yes, one job created by Alexander Gaifullin (now - professor, a renowned scholar, and in 2000 became the gold medalist of International Olympiad), recognized the most difficult and beautiful task of the Olympic Games. Its 602 of the IMO members decided 10 people, including Grisha Yurgin. Our task in algebra, we have made together with Ilya Bogdanov, was named the best goal in algebra. Of the six of our guys decided it five.

- Do not be tempted to tell her?

- There are things that can not be done under any circumstances. If we had suggested a solution, we would have lost the respect of the guys. And after such a humiliation and professional community have pushed us out of their circle. In addition, I always adhere to the principles of fairness and justice.


Four of the eight champions - Muscovites!

The country, as you know, have to know the names of heroes. “Gold” of the International Mathematical Olympiad in Hong Kong won the Muscovites Grigory Yurgin Ivan Frolov, Ruslan Salimov Gubkin and Paul in St. Petersburg. A triumphant International Olympiad in Physics Alexander Artemev from Kirov began in Zurich, Muscovite Ilya Kochergin, Basil Yugov from Perm and Ivan Uteshev from Saransk. Four of the eight champions - Muscovites. According to him, Nazir Agakhanov this is no accident.

- We have the same level of mass education for a long time decreased - says the coach mathematical Russian team. - Now Moscow has set an example. It is always with us is a leader on all changes - positive and negative. In Moscow now clearly increased interest in quality education, and the school filled with good teachers. So it goes in circles across the country. Now I have a team of three gold medals Muscovites. It used for several years in the national team was not the representatives of capital.

The team of young Einsteins

Basil Yugov, Perm

When and how to learn a little Vasya Yugov fluently read and count, and parents will not remember. But in “Sadikov” age, he spent hours with a thick encyclopedias in physics, mathematics. In their home library was full.

- Basil is a physicist in the third generation, - says his father Dmitry Yugov. - Physics-teachers were my father and grandfather. And I, too, dreamed of becoming a scientist, so it was not possible: in the 90s, like many, was a choice - to practice your favorite hobby or a family. I hope my son everything turned out differently.

Already in the early grades ordinary Permian High School number 5 boy surprised teachers with the knowledge of the exact subjects. In the fourth class was the winner of the Federal Mathematics Competition for the fifth grade. In the seventh ranked third in the all-Russian. Prodigy noticed and taken to the 146 th Perm physico-mathematical school.

Then began the real march victoriously Olympic Basil Yugova. He gathered a collection of medals at national competitions, became a member of the national team in physics and computer science. Now choose a perm student can almost any university in the world.

- Similarly, we have not yet decided where to go, we have an outlet next year, - says the father of Basil. - But most of the participants of the national team is usually chosen MIPT.

As early as of September have Yugova again gathering in the Russian team. Almost all my free time is now occupied by physics. And only in the evening Bob wears sneakers and goes for a run.

- A real scientist must be in good physical shape - smiling child prodigy.

Ivan Uteshev, Saransk

Ivan has 7 gold medals in international competitions. He graduated from the National High School for gifted children, and as the winner of international and national competitions he entered the first course MIPT.

- Last year, Ivan traveled to Indonesia and became the best in the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics, the most prestigious in the astronomical community. His “gold” became the first Russian victory in the history of this competition, - says teacher and mentor Vani Dmitry Podlesny.

Source: s13.stc.all.kpcdn.net
Basil Yugov won the gold medal

Love of Physics and Astronomy at the boy - from his parents. Mom studied applied mathematics, while working as a lawyer. My father studied physics professionally designed rocket. He died when the Van was 2 years old, but he left a large library. Leafing through the encyclopedia of astronomy and physics, and Ivan became interested in science. Today, he has mastered free college textbooks.

- He taught in the lower grades. We even paid him to pay out of pocket - about 30 thousand rubles, - continues to Dmitry Podlesny. - After winning the Olympic Games in Hong Kong there the university offered Van 40 thousand dollars and 50 thousand lifting annual scholarships - if only he stayed. But Ivan returned home. He does not want to leave Russia.

Alexander Artemev, Kirov

And the young Einstein from Kirov Alexander Artemyev at a tournament in Zurich, the world’s best result on the knowledge of the theory and the highest score among students from Europe. The result - 5th place in the overall standings.

- Back in 7th grade with the first lessons of physics, it became clear that Sasha is not an ordinary thing - said a school teacher Elena Polovnikova. - Then he became involved in city and regional competitions, winning them. Then there was the victory of the Romanian competition in physics at the All-Russian Olympiad. “Silver” in the tournament in Asia.

So less than 100 points on the exam Sasha nobody expected. And, of course, he got them.

- In preparation for the finals of the teacher has little could help him, Alexander has long outgrown them, - admitted the director of the Lyceum Mikhail Isupov.

Sasha arrives in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Worry at the expense of the competition it is not necessary - with the “gold” of the tournament in high school are taking, as they say, out of the lineup.

Sasha all people unique. For example, he never went to music school, but he learned to play the piano. She loves music and even wrote it. But dreams of becoming a theoretical physicist, attended lectures of famous physicists.

- I understand that all my achievements will mean little in adult life, but the reasons is it for me to work on yourself, learn something new, learn to do the trick, because success does not come just like that, - he admitted the young physicist.

Maxim Eliseev, Saransk (silver medalist)

Maxim Eliseev also Saransk finished high school for gifted children. He came here in the eighth grade and dived in physics with his head, even though the parents are far from science: my mother - a teacher of accounting in college, and my father, law enforcement officials. Maxim is going to become a scientist - physicist-theorist. He has 9 medals of international competitions. As the winner of Maxim adopted without competition for the first course MIPT. - Physics takes about 8 hours a day with breaks, - says Maxim. - But what Perelman did not want to be a hermit. Still need and the rest of science, and then to drive you crazy.

Source: s14.stc.all.kpcdn.net

5 August 2016

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