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Shoigu: Yunarmiya already in 76 Russian regions

Regional offices Yunarmii formed in 76 Russian regions. On Wednesday said the Russian Army General, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the solemn ceremony of the certificate of registration of the All-Russian military-patriotic movement “Yunarmiya”.

He recalled that “since the first yunarmeyskogo rally two months have passed.”

“In 76 Russian regions have our units, and their number grows every day,” - said the Minister.
He stressed that “this number is not on the order, the amount at the request of your peers, your friends.”

“So today we can confidently say that this is really an all-Russian military-patriotic movement”, - he added.

Website of the Ministry of Defence

All-Russian military-patriotic social movement “Yunarmiya”.

The goal of the movement - to generate interest among the younger generation to the geography and history of Russia and its people, heroes, eminent scientists and generals. Join yunarmiyu can any student, the military-patriotic organization, club, or a search party.

In their free time yunarmeytsy will work on preservation of memorials, obelisks, bear the memory watch at the Eternal Flame, engage in volunteer activities to participate in major cultural and sporting events, will be able to get as additional education and skills in first aid.

Yunarmeyskoe movement created on the initiative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and supported by the Russian Federation president. It is intended to unite all organizations and bodies involved in the preparation of pre-conscription of citizens. DOSAAF Russia will provide an opportunity to train members of the newly created movement on the basis of its facilities.

May 28 in the park “Patriot” in Kubinka outside Moscow held a constituent meeting of the movement, which will bring together delegates from all regions of Russia.

4 August 2016

««« In the Trans-Baikal region to hold mass vaccination against anthrax Russian schoolchildren took the gold of two Olympiads »»»

For the year in Russia will reduce the number of military schools in the 7 times »»»
Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, speaking at a meeting of the expanded board office, said that for a year in Russia, the number of universities will be reduced from 71 to 10.
Since 2009, Russia will reduce the number of military schools »»»
Russian Defense Ministry said that since the New Year in Russia will begin the process of reducing the higher military schools.
The first students of Presidential Cadet Academy in Monino near Moscow sit at their desks September 1, 2017 - Russian Defense Ministry »»»
This "kadetka" will be the only "military school" in the world.
In Alabino held the opening ceremony of the first international games Army 2015 (Live) »»»
Today in the Moscow region on the territory of military range in Alabino start "Army international games - 2015" ("ARMI-2015").
Azerbaijan has banned Russian textbooks »»»
Azerbaijani Ministry of Education prohibits the use of Russian textbooks in the educational process.