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Education in Russia: without students and scholars

The government plans to cut 40% of budget places in universities in 2017.

The Government can reduce 40% of budget places in universities in 2017 on the set for this year level. Ministry of Education does not have enough money to pay for the admission of students to the first year. Shortage of funds in the budget will lead to a reduction in student scholarships. Finally, as a result of budget optimization without work in 2019 will remain 10.3 thousand. The scientific university staff, and the Kurchatov Institute Russian Academy of Sciences.
The position of the Ministry of Education formulated in response to the reduction in the Ministry of Finance budget allocations for state programs “Development of Education” and “The development of science and technology” and discussed at the budget meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 29 July. Common approaches to the optimization of state programs, including those under the control of the Ministry of Education, the government approved at a meeting on July 7th. At the same time it was decided to freeze the overall budget expenditure in nominal terms in the years 2017-2019 at the level of 15.78 trillion rubles. in year.

In the case of education and science of the general decision to freeze spending means real spending cuts, provided the passports of the two state programs, - follows from the Ministry of documents for the meeting with the Prime Minister, with whom it was possible to read “the Newspaper”. The state program “Development of Education” underfunded in the past year and is expected to drop to 11.5% of its nameplate value already in 2016. Abbreviations can be fixed at the time of the fall of the current budget optimization. In 2017, the sequestration of the educational program will be 23.4% of the program passport. He will continue in 2018: expenses decreased by 28.5% and 35.2% - in 2019. The share of education in total expenditure budget spending will fall from 2.75% in 2015 to 2.45% in 2019, according to the ministry.

The meeting was announced and the need for large-scale layoffs among scientists. The same reason - lack of funds for the state program “Development of science and technology.” The share of the state program of research in the general budget expenditures will be reduced from 0.98% in 2015 to 0.87% in 2019. Therefore, in 2017 from the high schools are invited to lay off up to 500 people. Large losses are planned in the Academy of Sciences and the Kurchatov Institute.

From payroll Fano Ministry of Education proposes to strike in 2019, 8.3 thousand. Fellows (3.5 thousand. People can be fired in 2017). The Kurchatov Institute, department prepares for the dismissal of 1.5 thousand. Man in the next year.

Together with scientists will be reduced research activities for the development of scientific and technical base. Suffered not only the students, their teachers and researchers. Ministry of Education insists that the limits approved in July will require a proportional reduction of subsidies for goszadanie educational institutions at all levels.

1 August 2016

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Russian universities will receive 30 billion on a competitive basis »»»
The best Russian universities receive from the government 30 billion rubles on a competitive basis.
Livanovsky Minobraz summarized the monitoring universities. According to him "ineffective" recognized university and 373 branch »»»
December 13, 2013 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation held a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission.
Students will translate to the contract due to budget finkrizisa »»»
Russian Ministry of Education is developing a package of measures in the sphere of paid higher education - it's about maintaining the share of budget places in Russian universities.
In 2010, the federal budget for education will be 416.4 billion rubles, or 7.3% compared with 2009 and 26.3% more than in 2008 »»»
"In 2010, the federal budget for education will be 416.4 billion rubles, or 7.
10 billion rubles. to subsidize Russian universities: the aim does not justify the means »»»
The head of the Russian Cabinet ordered direct from the Russian budget 10,140,000,000 rubles.