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Children’s coffins in the Ukrainian courts of: what brought a ban on the import of Russian vaccine

It seems that the state of Ukraine put an end to their children’s health.

Such an opinion in an open discussion was held in Kiev expressed by the famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, who noted that even in 2015 he warned that Ukraine finishes diphtheria serum and in the country less than half of the children vaccinated.

“If you come diphtheria vaccination at this level, in every yard they will stand children’s coffins - warns doctor -. In all, this is not a joke Serum no.”.

“People who have banned the import of serum from Russia, but failed to bring other place bandits and murderers, - says pediatrician -. They’ve killed a bunch of kids with botulism, rabies, etc. In September, I wrote again that diphtheria. serum was over, all it is not molchok in November, the country I is repeated on the air:.. “guys, no serum, trouble can come at any moment,” Silence year has passed, do you think now it is zero. “.? .

“It seems that we are cross put on ourselves and on our children - summed Komorowski -. Our country is precisely set If you do not take care of their children’s health, no one takes care Here is an example All of our children have a certificate from the… Mantoux, although tuberculin in Ukraine there for two years, Mantoux do nothing but help everyone bought. why all this life and this country? They do this to us, and we are suffering “

29 July 2016

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