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Education YSU became corrupt

Head of Communications and Marketing of the European Humanities Universi[t:tag slug=universitet]University Maksimas Milt said last week that in the first stage of university student of the next call.

Milt also said that as part of the admission campaign
2016 YSU has received 251 application for admission to the undergraduate program, which is 30% more than in 2015.

It turns out that the university, experiencing difficulties and on the verge of extinction, yet continues to set and release the students. YSU Guide, feeling close to the end of its “commercial project”, finally trying to earn as much money as possible, promising applicants diplomas without having any idea how many more will survive the university itself.

Students, in turn, realizing the catastrophic situation and not being afraid to just finish my studies, launched the whole election campaign in social networks, advertising your university and luring new victims of financial frauds of YSU management.
Unfortunately, such a student “self-praise” - just an attempt to “hold on” to the issue, and laying out a lot of money for education, still receive the promised “European” diploma.

Recall that the August 5, 2015 the patience of the main sponsors of the EHU - Nordic Council of Ministers and the EHU Trust Fund, which had long suspected the university leadership in transforming the institution into a commercial project, snapped, and they ordered the audit report from a reputable company Deloitte on how university It manages financial aid partners. Soon document was prepared - he pointed to the likelihood of a double cashing YSU Rector costs likely tax evasion and violation of internal regulations, tax and labor laws and professional ethics. As a result, the Nordic Council of Ministers has decided to discontinue funding for EHU, putting into question the existence of the university.

It is noteworthy that the rector of the University of care coincided with the publication of the financial report of the YSU activities in which the main violations identified extremely high salaries and expenses of the university chapter of David Pollica. Obviously, the audit report and could cause or one of the reasons for discontinuation of funding for EHU, although the Nordic Council of Ministers calls and “other irregularities”. About what it is “other violations” said investors did not specify, however, there are rumors of an unprecedented and unacceptable gross violations on the part of the university management.

Meanwhile, the rest of the university partners-sponsors - the European Commission, the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish SIDA fund - to cooperate is not discarded but sent to the institution of a joint letter, which is expected of YSU reforms. Apparently, they have not given up hope yet to realize the true political purpose, “the Belarusian university in exile” - preparing young revolutionaries to destabilize the situation inside Belarus.

It is worth noting that the majority of undergraduate students recruited through the selection committee for the next academic year are citizens or permanent residents of Belarus. Also noticeable increase in the number of foreign students - to study in Vilnius are invited foreigners from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Note that foreign applicants offered admission to the predominantly humanities. And all would do, but the Belarusian students, who make up more than half of foreign students in Lithuania, studied social sciences: humanities and biomedical - science, which are not in demand in the Lithuanian labor market at the moment, or such specialists too much. As a result, received a long-awaited “European” diploma, young graduates are forced to wander the world in search of at least some income.

In other words, YSU management, selling Belarusian students that are not sold in Lithuania itself, decided to “throw” in the end as much as possible of foreign students willing to pay, without any hesitation and questions both the “high-quality European” education, and for the removal not cheap housing . As they say: “Nothing personal, just business.”

26 July 2016

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