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Director NGS.Novosti wished on his page on “Facebook”, “descendants to the seventh generation” supported transition time “to die from cancer and depression associated with the transfer of arrows”

“Very soon translate arrows hours and up become an hour earlier I sincerely hope that everyone who achieves this on yourself to feel what the science says -. The growth of cancer, and depression associated with the transfer of the shooter and let it fully touches. . them and their loved ones to the seventh generation is already let everyone will be rewarded according to his works “- says Yves Avrorin.

This message has caused heated discussion of social network users. In response, the author of the post said that it “is written in a sober mind and sound memory.”

The journalist explained that her post is addressed to those who, aware of the health problems in humans due to the transfer of the clock hands, still made the adoption of this law. According to his page Yves Avrorin, there are some serious research in scientific journals showing growth of cancer and depression in humans during the transition to the year-round summer.

Willow herself does not agree with the opponents’ attacks in his address: “. I totally biblical desire - to pay tribute to each according to his works and let those who are selling it, kick the bucket from the consequences they and all their descendants to the seventh generation.”.

Source: static.life.ru

25 July 2016

««« “Illiquid educational happiness” in the Baltic States Education YSU became corrupt »»»

Thousands of bloggers were against education reform »»»
An Open Letter to the adoption of new educational standards for high school, published January 28 LJ-users starushkalarina, attracted more than 10,000 comments in two days.
In Rostov-on-Don, Southern Federal University leaders need to remove the entry from the blog about the institution »»»
Director of the center of public relations and communication technologies of the Southern Federal University Vladimir Radchenko requires Rostov blogger.
Deja vu? At the universities of St. Petersburg are going to enter the post responsible for ideological work »»»
"Pursuant to the decision of the Council of Rectors of St.
"Internet generation" was not so, as it were »»»
For a long time, consultants, and marketers use the term "Internet generation", meaning the rising tnneydzherov who were born in the Internet era.
Within the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held a charity event to support the fight against breast cancer »»»
The cultural program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum On June 15, the Mikhailovsky Theater held a gala concert of Russian ballet stars.