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Turkish professor banned from traveling abroad. Ministry of Education conducts a massive test for loyalty to the authorities about 15,200 civil servants in the field of education

Turkish professors and university professors have officially forbidden to travel overseas on official business and for personal reasons. The validity of the “taboo” is not disclosed.

It looks like a university elite of the country, President Erdogan intends to make guilty of “ideological preparation” of the coup, because he relies on the fringe and clerics.

Against these scientists repression began in Turkey. They checked for loyalty and belonging to the movement “Khizmat” Feytullaha Gulen, a former imam who is in political exile. Authorities believe that in this environment is the greatest number of “gyulenistov”. According to experts, the Turkish scientific elite is the main obstacle on the way of building in Turkey radically Islamized society. In this context, characterized by the reaction of the Turkish media that after the coup became completely loyal to Erdogan. That educators with “traitors-war” came under merciless fire poisonous criticism of pro-government politicians and journalists.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Ministry of Education conducts a mass close check for loyalty to the current government about 15,200 civil servants in the field of education. They are suspended from work for these people opened an internal investigation. Recall that on Tuesday the Higher Education Council of Turkey recommended to dismiss the 1577 deans and professors of public and private universities. According to television channel CNN Turk, “these individuals represent virtually the entire teaching staff of educational institutions of Turkey.” As previously reported by TASS accused have been detained 9332 person in the organization of the coup in Turkey. Among them - two adjutant President, 492 officers of the Turkish Religious, 118 generals and admirals, 100 police officers, 6038 soldiers, 755 judges and prosecutors, more than 250 employees of the Office of the Prime Minister, 650 civilians.

The Turkish authorities have deprived the license to work 21 thousand teachers of private educational institutions, according to Daily Sabah. They are suspected of having links with the followers of Fethullah Gülen, which the Turkish authorities considered the ideologist of the rebellion, committed on July 16 at night.

In addition, they were suspended 15.2 thousand employees of the Ministry of Education. The investigation initiated against them, writes Hurriyet Daily News. Fifteen hundred deans of public and private universities have also been dismissed.

As reported by The Daily Sabah, Ankara prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the 370 employees of the state TV channel TRT, who are also suspected of having links with the followers of Gülen. During the rebellion, armed men seized the editors and TRT TV channel broadcast a message about entering a state of emergency.

Source: wordiki.ru

20 July 2016

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