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The Kremlin has expressed concern about the “turbulence” on Russia’s borders

MOSCOW, July 18 - RIA Novosti. A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said the events in Turkey, Armenia and Kazakhstan. According to the representative of the Kremlin, “turbulence” on the borders causes Moscow’s concerns.

On Friday evening, the Turkish authorities have prevented an attempt of a military coup in the country. In Armenia, on Sunday radicals seized hostages in the building of the police, and on Monday in Kazakhstan unknown attacked the Department of Internal Affairs in Almaty.
Peskov said that these events can not be classified the same way.

“In one situation it is, of course, on the attempted coup of power, which led to numerous casualties, and in another case - the various manifestations of crime”, - he said.

A spokesman for the head of state noted that the situation on the borders monitored, security is provided at the appropriate level.

“Of course, a manifestation of such turbulence at our borders is a concern of course, it causes very closely monitor the situation, analyze it.” - Said Dmitry Peskov, adding that necessary measures are taken to reflect the new information.
A Kremlin spokesman said that Moscow would like to see their neighbors stable, prosperous and predictable states.

18 July 2016

««« A resident of Omsk, died before he could walk 200 meters to the emergency hospital on foot to medical facilities 2 minutes, doctors traveled more than 10 minutes Turkish professor banned from traveling abroad. Ministry of Education conducts a massive test for loyalty to the authorities about 15,200 civil servants in the field of education »»»

Students RSGU fight for ownership of the university. At the Red Square in Moscow for an attempt to hold an unsanctioned rally and distribution of leaflets have been detained for more than 20 students »»»
At the Red Square in Moscow on Monday evening for
All in the kindergartens in Moscow, declined by almost 14 times »»»
All in Moscow kindergartens slightly less than a year declined by almost 14 times.
Flashmob in defense of the principal »»»
A week later, the following Monday, a trial over the director of the rural school.
Creation of a single textbook on the history of Russia on Tuesday to discuss »»»
Creation of a single textbook on the history will be discussed Tuesday at a meeting in Moscow of the working group to combat counterfeiting of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
Caring grandmother, helping her grandson to avoid penalties for being late, "mined" the building of School of Music »»»
In Karaganda (Karaganda region of Kazakhstan admtsentr) for misleading calls on the mining of the music school detained an elderly woman.