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A resident of Omsk, died before he could walk 200 meters to the emergency hospital on foot to medical facilities 2 minutes, doctors traveled more than 10 minutes

Active, call for help, waiting for the arrival of medical professionals for more than 10 minutes trying to make a dying heart massage.

SC understands the complicated and tragic history of Omsk, where a young man died in the 200 meters from the hospital ambulance (emergency hospital-1). The first information appeared in the social networks on the circumstances of the death. One of the users of the social network “VKontakte” reported that on the night of Wednesday, July 13, in the bushes, he saw a young man, who urgently needed medical care. Passer scored emergency room physicians and called for help.

According to him, on foot from the medical institution building to emergency locations can be reached in just two minutes. However, doctors traveled to the dying man more than 10 minutes and did not have time to save him, although the passer all the while doing cardiac massage to the young man, trying to resuscitate him.

- July 13, 2016 in the community on the Internet and in the media it was reported that on the night Hop street 200 meters from the emergency hospital, 1 in Omsk, without waiting for arrival of an ambulance, the young man died. Investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Omsk region on this fact initiated pre-investigation checks, - reported in the department.

The water is transparent.
It is immobile fish.
Just I was.

Esaulova Vera, St. Petersburg

the smell of burning grass
on abandoned paths
old railway

Sergey Zorohovich, Leningrad region. Mama,
Where is my straw hat,
The wind carried away her
On the road from Yai in Kiridzumi
Like an autumn leaf,
I am flying, circling, my hat is off a cliff by the sea

You know, Mom,
We were with you
On a narrow path between the rocks
And your gift - a hat made from rice straw
Wind tore off me

Oh, Mom,
How could this happen -
My hat soared somewhere up
And I called her and lures, like a bird
And he cried after her - come back!

No one heard
No one answered
Everything is waiting for a miracle,
A little hope for a miracle
It’s so hard -
Hold that blows wind
So hard
Return that is lost forever

You know, Mom,
Similarly, butterfly,
My hat flew
On the steep bank
So far in my dreams I run after her
And catch up with I can not

What a loss - a hat,
Grosh s price
But now I do not believe
What is it - I always loved that hat, Ma!
As I was grieved about it!
But the wind blew suddenly …

Meet us was a young peddler, Mother!
He was wearing blue socks in gloves.
Dropping items on the ground, he rushed to catch the hat,

But she was already far below.
The gorge was so steep and slopes
Overgrown with grass as a man.

What now with this hat, Mother?
Those irises that grow on the sides of the road,
Oh right, quite faded,

Those hills shrouded in mist ash fall.
It may be that under my hat
Every evening chirping crickets?

A znaosh, I think, Mom,
What this morning in the quiet valley strewed snow
Cellar my hat of Italian straw,

Once the novelty of glistening,
Covering initials Ya With that I wrote on Tuglie …
Snow pours so quiet, so sad …

13 July 2016

««« Moscow dentists have found a remedy for children “sladkogolizma” The Kremlin has expressed concern about the “turbulence” on Russia’s borders »»»

Co-Chair of the Tomsk Tatiana ONF Solomatina helped residents of Tomsk region to resolve the issue with the refusal of the October branch of CDH Svetlenskoy serve children in a local hospital »»»
In the Tomsk branch of the Popular Front was approached
Mother of student killed in New York, protecting children from the shooter »»»
Unknown on Friday opened fire with a pistol at a school in New York's Brooklyn district.
Canadian arrested for his 4-year-old daughter drew a man with a gun »»»
In the city of Kitchener, Ontario man, who came to school to pick up their children after school, he was arrested, handcuffed and taken to the police station.
Canadian arrested for his 4-year-old daughter drew a man with a gun »»»
In the city of Kitchener, Ontario man, who came to school to pick up their children after school, he was arrested, handcuffed and taken to the police station.
In the Trans-Baikal region to hold mass vaccination against anthrax »»»
Transbaikalia authorities decided to vaccinate at-risk people to prevent the spread of anthrax.