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Moscow dentists have found a remedy for children “sladkogolizma”

Source: sdelanounas.ru
Moscow dentists told how to optimize the diet of children, to protect them from addiction to sweets. Recently it was found out that the children “sladkogolizm” in Russia has become a real problem. At the All-Russian scientific-practical conference held in Tyumen, doctors are seriously discussing this, yet unscientific term. Overweight, problems with teeth - the most obvious effects of entrainment rolls and sweets.

Simply ban not solve the problem. Preference is developed a sweet taste in humans during evolution. Sweet - so ripe and fresh. Exclude from the diet of sweet unnatural. A good dentist will deny there are desserts, but will learn to do it right. Here’s what experts recommend a Moscow clinic “Dent 32″.

Firstly, it should be replaced in their own diet buns and sweets for tea on dried fruit and crackers. His example - most important! Surprisingly, many children prefer bread from whole grains of sugar cookies!

Secondly, we should not forget about the dangers of sugary soda. But not necessarily limit yourself to water alone. Homemade lemonade - delicious drink meal “gourmet”, and is preparing the most lazy mistress for two minutes, “one left” of lemon, honey and water.

Third, do not buy the harmful, and purchase more fruits. Especially right now - the season.

But by uniquely harmful “empty”, but such tasty carbs like cakes and buns, do not really refuse. There will be no such harm health of the child from one cake, which will damage the psyche, if kindergarten “sweet table” it will be away from this celebration of life. Teach your child to stick apple desserts - its fibers clean teeth almost like a toothbrush.

However, there is also a hidden sugar. More to the point, as the child becomes available explicit “hazard”, he can get it out of infant formula. In their structure often contains fructose, sucrose, lactose. Therefore, even if the child does not eat any candy, it will still need to give checkups to the dentist. The first time to make such a visit is the first tooth, and not wait for the moment when the baby something hurts.

A visit to the dentist is inevitable in today’s world. Our ancestors lost their teeth sometimes as early as 30 years, but we want to have a full jaw all my life to a ripe old age.

The first impression lays the foundation becomes the determining factor in emotions towards teeth treatment. Watching their young patients and their parents, in the clinic “Dent 32″ noticed that most are afraid to just parents. Many strong fear from childhood, when there was nothing frightening “dentist”. Therefore, the first preventive visit parents are not less important than the child. Now the approach to pediatric dentistry is different. The clinic is waiting for the baby cartoons, friendly staff, psychologically adjusted individually. Someone from young patients distract someone, on the contrary, will talk in detail about the nature of upcoming manipulation.

Reasonable and correct use of sweet plus preventive dental checkups still healthy teeth in children. Recall that in 10 years the incidence of tooth decay among the youngest patients of family stomatology “Dent 32″ halved.

11 July 2016

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