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“Swords into scanners”

By equipping with medical equipment, diagnostic equipment and tools Russian medicine is 80% dependent on imports. This was Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at a conference “The Russian defense industry - new opportunities for the medical industry.” To correct the situation suggested using the experience of defense enterprises and diversification of production.

Disappointing diagnosis Medical Industry of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin delivered during a speech at an industry conference in Tula, initiated by and. about. governor of the region Alexei Dyumin. “Today, with medical equipment, diagnostic equipment and tools Russian medicine is 80% dependent on imports, - the vice-premer.- And if before the money allocated for the purchase of all necessary for our health, were one exchange rate, it is now It has become twice as expensive. ” He was supported by the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova:. On June 17, in Russia there are more than 35 thousand items of medical products, of which only 11 tys.- domestic production. “These figures demonstrate the absolute dependence on import industry,” - she complained.

To correct the situation, Dmitry Rogozin called for using the potential of the military-industrial complex and the diversification of production: start the creation of special teams and scientific schools in the defense industry enterprises, accelerated the formation of the groundwork for large-scale research and development projects in the medical industry, technological re-equipment of production and attraction investment.

The conference demonstrated medical products of defense enterprises: diagnostic equipment company “Elektron”, diagnostic and treatment facilities to maintain human life Tula NGO “Alloy”, medical refrigerators and bactericidal irradiators manufactured air “Pozis”, as well as infant incubators and other holding facilities “Schwabe”.

Mr. Rogozin said that in the near future the share of foreign purchases of medical equipment need to be minimized. “We have 1,352 defense enterprises with the highest experience and technology, we can do it ourselves … - I said on.- I do not understand why we still have not set ourselves such a task main slogan, which should be today. in the defense industry, - “swords into scanners.” ” Dmitry Rogozin also said that the ideology of “full life cycle” will be introduced in respect of the medical equipment of Russian production: “That is not sold and forgotten, and sold, and the next, how it works, operated, what complaints, requests, how to further improve and of course, timely delivery of components and everything that represents life cycle. ”

Ms. Skvortsova, in turn, noted that the medical industry development program includes the “ambitious”: “Already in 2018 the domestic production of complex types of prosthesis should be in our market to 90% (against 24% seychas.-” b “) and the market of domestic CT scanners should reach 55%. “

1 July 2016

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