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Brain or bacteria - who govern us?

Scientists at Oxford, John Benenstok, Wolfgang Kunze and Paul Forsyth investigated the human microbiota and did a phenomenal conclusion that bacteria living in the intestines, have an impact on emotional behavior, the correspondent of the Information Agency Mangazeev.

Surely you have heard about emotional intelligence. The foundation stone for self-training, emotional intelligence - a person’s ability to correctly understand their own and others’ emotions, and as a consequence - to manage them. Its level depends on the composition of the microbiota! The bacteria of the intestine directly act on the nervous system, they are able to change human behavior and even inspire the desire to meet the programming needs of microscopic bacteria.
June 20, 2016 Doctor of Medicine, Professor Andrei Petrovich Prodeus and psychologist Victoria Shimanskaya discussed the latest research linking emotional intelligence with the intestinal microbiota within the scientific café.

Together with the audience, experts have found the event: a healthy gut improves emotional intelligence and the quality of life and security of a healthy intestine - in functional food. “You are what you eat” - now it is a scientific fact. The composition of the microbiota of each person is different and depends on the diet. Food activate various types of intestinal bacteria. And if some cause stress and anxiety, while others - accelerate the reaction, improve attention and memory, helping to manage emotions. According to the expert scientific cafes, Professor Andrei Petrovich Prodeus: “From lifestyle, nutrition, genotype dependent microbiota and the microbiota affects the development and functioning of human, his organs and systems”

The most “positive” scientists called dairy products. The best friends of man - yogurt and other foods with probiotics. They maintain a healthy balance of microbiota and have a positive effect on bowel function and state of emotional intelligence.

“A well-developed emotional intelligence gives a person the motivation helps implemented, raises self-esteem. It’s amazing how much in this sense, we are dependent on what we eat! Happiness and success are the physiological parameters of the body, and, therefore, to become happier and more successful is possible thanks to the choice of . functional foods and regular consumption of probiotics These studies make a revolution in psychology and medicine, “- said the expert scientific café, a psychologist Victoria Shimanskaya.

23 June 2016

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