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BIOCAD first Russian pharmaceutical companies applied for participation in the public investment contracts

Biotechnology company BIOCAD first time in the history of Russian pharmaceutical industry has applied to enter into a special investment contract (SPIC). Relevant documents the company filed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
SPIC - a tool of state support for companies from different sectors. Its essence lies in the fact that a business incurs investment obligations on production, which has no analogues in the Russian Federation, which in return receives from the state specified preferences. For example, easing the tax burden or delay in the payment of taxes for the term of the contract - up to 10 years. So far, the Russian tax legislation does not provide preferences for pharmaceutical companies in the event of participation in such investment projects, but these amendments were adopted in May 2016.

BIOCAD plans to invest in production within concluded SPIC 3.5 billion rubles for the construction of a new production building for the production of biotechnological drugs, including monoclonal antibodies.

“The pharmaceutical industry - a strategic sector for all countries It is an integral part of an effective health care system without the active support of the state could not have been the spurt, which over the past 10 years has made Russian pharma grew new modern companies producing complex drugs with the active assistance of the state, we…. developed the first in Russia preparations based on monoclonal antibodies against cancer, came even as much as a number of high-tech products import substitution was only the first step next step -.. the development and placing on the market of Russian innovative medicines and access to international markets and now the state again to support us.. In the new production facilities will have to produce not only biosimilars, but also original products, “- said General Director Dmitry Morozov BIOCAD.

16 June 2016

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