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Russian PET scanner will appear in the first industrial park in Moscow

The first in Moscow Industrial Park to create a super-modern Russian high-tech equipment and the development of nuclear medicine may appear in Moscow on the basis of the Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics and Automation (included in the research division “Rosatom”).

Such a decision came solidary mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, the head of “Rosatom” Sergey Kirienko and President of the NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, Mikhail Kovalchuk, who visited recently within the walls NIITFA.

Before the scheduled meeting here, guests got acquainted with the cyclotron, radiochemical complex on the basis of domestic cyclotron CC-18 / 9M, which allows to synthesize isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for accurate diagnosis of diseases. There was also presented a gamma-therapeutic complex “Agat”, produced more than thirty years, multi-channel clinical dosimeters and other promising developments.

A sort of highlight of the program was the working model of positron emission tomography. Until the end of 2016 it is planned to create a prototype that will be the first current Russian scanner for clinical research - Positron emission tomography with computed tomography (PET / CT). This scanner will be supplied to the newly created Russian PET centers, as well as for the replacement - in the future - the import settings in the existing centers.

- The prototype scanner was planned to create another in 2015 - admitted “RG” Deputy Director of Science and production NIITFA Evgeny Skachkov. - But because of the lack of funding as possible moved …

Now, guests and journalists assured, the work is on schedule, ahead of - debugging and device configuration, and after - the technical tests on simulators of the human body, which can be administered radioactive drugs.

- The task - to make sure that, by analogy with fluorography diagnostic PET / CT annually were all residents of Russia, - said the jump. - According to our estimates, one million people need one machine, that is all you need to 140-150 units.

As noted by the hosts and guests, the formation on its basis of the first industrial park in Moscow and development within its boundaries extraterritorial cluster of nuclear medicine and allow our country to bring this area on a global level, thereby solving the problem of import substitution in this critical area.

“Rosatom” together with the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” with support of the Moscow government plans to create in the industrial park system service equipment for nuclear medicine. The experience can be replicated in other regions of the Russian Federation.

The industrial park will also become a field for a practical demonstration of high-temperature superconducting technology in the Moscow Energy. In NIITFA it planned to create a demo and, at the same time, the production site for the integrated display and the development of cooperation in high-temperature superconducting equipment (transformers, current leads, motors, generators, etc.) to industrial producers.

“We are very interested in the fact that it created high-tech jobs with decent wages, a good investment”, - said Sergey Sobyanin. According to him, it is important that this production was import substitution, to Moscow in Russia produced plant and equipment that were previously not allowed. “In the context of devaluation is very important to keep their production of large diagnostic equipment for medicine. And we see that here, on the basis of” Rosatom “, created by the company, which, together with the Kurchatov Institute can develop a whole range of complex radiopharmaceuticals and equipment. Such that never in Russia have not been made, “- said the mayor of Moscow.

Therefore, the city decided to create one additional status to industrial areas - industrial park.

“This park, which will be aligned and development, and know-how, and introduction into production at the next meeting of the government, we consider the procedure for establishing the status of industrial parks They will have the maximum benefits that are provided on the territory of Moscow..” - Promised Sergei Sobyanin .

The head of “Rosatom” Sergey Kiriyenko, in turn, stressed that the creation of industrial parks will not only stimulate the development of science. According to him, it will give impetus to open up new possibilities for medicine, diagnostics, treatment. And, of course, for the production in Russia at the modern high-tech equipment.

“All that we show - Kiriyenko assured -. This current Russian samples We leave already at 70 percent of the domestic components task -. Reach ninety.”

The subject of special pride - software. “We have not only” hardware “, but also the domestic software”, - concluded the general director of “Rosatom”.

Moscow Mayor drew attention to another problem, and it is illustrated by the example of the Southern Administrative District. It would seem that Moscow is a surplus region in terms of places of application of labor. However, in the Southern District, where a million people of working age, created a total of about half a million jobs. “A half a million living in the area the population is not able to work here. So for us it is essential to maintain the industrial area, which we are engaged, consistently considering one after the other industrial sites and enabling them to grow.”

According to Sobyanin, the status of the industrial park in Moscow can claim ventures in manufacturing, IT, communications, science, technical testing, analysis and certification. As in the case of technology parks, industrial parks owners have to invest in new production and pay their employees decent wages. In exchange for these commitments, they are guaranteed benefits package, reducing the tax burden on regional taxes by about 25 percent.

- Moscow Company “Rosatom” is actively investing in the renewal of production and development of new product in the important field of medicine as the diagnosis of cancer, - added the head of the city. - That’s why they are the first applicants for a new status.

9 June 2016

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