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Defense Ministry intends to abolish the military departments at some universities

Defense Ministry drafted a bill providing for the elimination of military training faculties for the humanities and natural science

Source: bestvuz.by

The document speaks of the creation of a single legal mechanism for the reorganization and liquidation of military training centers and military departments, working with the federal government institutions of higher education. Implementation of these processes is the responsibility of the university rectors. However, none of the respondents “Izvestia” high schools did not yet know anything.

The first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Sergei Zhigarev Defense Ministry confirmed the plans and told “Izvestia”, the list of high schools, which will lose the military departments, will be approved in the near future. But it is known that it will get higher education, producing professionals, unclaimed in the army.

- The Army is changing technically enters a modern military equipment, and needed trained people who can handle it. It makes no sense to train specialists in the military departments, which receive, for example, agricultural specialty - says Zhigarev.

According to him, military departments will be closed in a planned manner, so those who are already enrolled, will finish my studies. University graduates received after the liquidation of the faculty of military training (military department), will serve in the army rank and file. The same thing will happen to those students who themselves abandoned military department.

But in technical colleges program of military departments will be seriously altered.

- So schools as Baumanka, will be issued an order for those professionals who need the Ministry of Defence. With them, perhaps, the Defense Ministry will sign contracts. Accordingly, and universities in the work plans of their military departments will have to be amended so as not to waste time on the drill or military training in the extent to which they do not need - said Zhigarev, and added that a specialist sitting at the computer, may do more good than the person holding the gun in his hands.

- Air defense, space forces - everywhere high technology, so the Army needs specialists who can work with them - supported Sergey Zhigareva head of the Center of social and legal protection of “Officers of Russia” Sergey Ermolenko. According to him, technical colleges are much better able to cope with the task of preparing the necessary experts, rather than agricultural or humanitarian.

- There are schools in which the military departments are unprofitable, so spend money on their content would be irrational - Ermolenko said.

The universities of upcoming changes have not even heard of. On the military department of Bauman said that indications of change in the educational program has not yet been reported. It is also the source of “Izvestia” said Chair of the most downloaded, even among those who want to learn a contest on it.

According to the chairman of the Russian trade union of students Alexey Kazakov, a reduction of military departments violate the rights of students: everyone should have an opportunity to go out there training.

- We are already faced with the fact that the military departments have acted only in elite universities. Then the situation changed, the number of higher education institutions to restore the military department. But if it comes back to close, it will surely hit the students’ interests, - said Kozak.

But the executive secretary of the Union of Soldiers’ Mothers Committees Valentina Melnikova said that the closure of the military departments - not a tragedy.

- None of these chairs are not needed, enough officers in military schools, - said Melnikov. - And the students in these departments really nothing, and do not teach.

7 June 2016

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Since 2009, Russia will reduce the number of military schools »»»
Russian Defense Ministry said that since the New Year in Russia will begin the process of reducing the higher military schools.
In the civilian Russian universities will train up to 40% of the officers - Ministry of Defence »»»
About 40% of officers for the Armed Forces from 2011 will be prepared for civilian universities in the country, said Chief of Department of Defense Ministry of Education Catherine Priezzheva.
Dismissed cadets have to pay for their education the Ministry of Defense »»»
After the modernization of military education has been reduced much of the institutional schools.
For the year in Russia will reduce the number of military schools in the 7 times »»»
Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, speaking at a meeting of the expanded board office, said that for a year in Russia, the number of universities will be reduced from 71 to 10.
Students will be called in the army because of an interrupted accreditation of schools »»»
80 Russian university students who had not managed to extend the accreditation can be sent to the army during the current spring draft.