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Within the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held a charity event to support the fight against breast cancer

The cultural program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum On June 15, the Mikhailovsky Theater held a gala concert of Russian ballet stars. At the initiative of the fund “White Rose”, St. Petersburg ballet dancers raise the problem of late detection of cancer of the female reproductive system in Russia. They called upon women to undergo regular check-ups, and collect funds for the development of material-technical base of the MU “White Rose”, located in St Petersburg.

There is not enough free points early diagnosis of cancer of the female reproductive system, where every woman can be surveyed. Now to create a network of such centers across the country working fund “White Rose”. In St. Petersburg, has opened two free diagnostic center, but for a city with a population of over 5 million people - this is not enough, you need a minimum of eight.

“Cancer - is not a sentence, the most important time to diagnose the disease at events of such level as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is important to talk not only about economic development and business objectives, but also more humane, basic things without which life is impossible, -. Said the founder Fund “White rose”, Saint-Petersburg Tatiana Zingarevich -. Health - this is our greatest asset, and women’s health - constant component of the country’s prosperity, the world we want to draw attention to the problem of timely diagnosis of cancer of the female reproductive system in Russia is already there.. necessary high-tech drugs to treat cancer, is now very important to diagnose the disease in time. ”

In our country we have developed a series of high-tech medicine for the treatment of breast cancer. One of the major projects implemented by BIOCAD, its scientists have developed and released the first in the Russian complex medication based on monoclonal antibodies. Now the most modern drugs have become more accessible to Russian patients. BIOCAD for several years with MU “White Rose”, the company has widely supported the Centre’s initiative to organize a charity concert of Russian ballet stars at the Mikhailovsky Theatre against breast cancer.

It is expected that the event will be more than 600 guests. Among them - the first person of the country and the northern capital, the arts. All will come to support a charity event and to contribute to creating a network of welfare centers for early diagnosis of breast cancer. Before the guests will perform the world ballet stars: Tsiskaridze, Catherine and Andrew Krysanova Merkur’ev (Bolshoi Theatre), Denis and Anastasia Matvienko Irina Perren and Marat Shemiunov (Mikhailovsky Theatre) and many others.

Analytical Review
In Russia, diagnosed with breast cancer each year hear 60 thousand women in St. Petersburg -. Almost 3 thousand. Today - this is the most common type of cancer among the beautiful half of humanity in the world. In Russia from this disease die every year more than 22 thousand. Women, many of them could have been saved if they had passed inspection and are diagnosed in the early stages of the disease.

6 June 2016

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