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Auction for the purchase of a set of “Beyodaym” in Sevastopol canceled for the FAS decision

Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol (Crimea FAS) issued a determination to cancel the auction for the purchase of the drug set “Beyodaym” for the needs of the Sevastopol oncologic dispensary at the initiative of the biotechnology company Biocad. This would allow for the purchase of medicines at competitive conditions and reduce the cost of trading results. The company also asked the prosecutor and the highest court with a claim about violations in the procedure of organizing the auction for the purchase of medicines in Sevastopol involving budgetary funds.

Sevastopol Department of Health on 16 May 2016 he was appointed an auction for the purchase of medical recruitment “Beyodaym” for patients of the Sevastopol oncologic dispensary in an amount of 30 packages. The starting price of the auction was 783.40 rubles, 9647, based on the value of one package “Beyodaym” - 321 592.78 rubles.

Drug kit “Beyodaym” consists of two independently of registered drug trastuzumab (440 mg vial) and pertuzumab (420 mg). This set of “Beyodaym” registered only manufacturer and has no competitors. The drug pertuzumab as an independent member as the sole producer and has no competitors. A drug “trastuzumab (vial of 440 mg) as an independent member by two manufacturers: foreign and Russian.

Thus, the separation of the set of “Beyodaym” two constituent components and conducting two separate electronic auctions, competition is possible for a medicinal product “tTrastuzumab” (440 mg vial), which can lead to significant budgetary savings.

Biocad Company believes that the auction was declared a violation of the law “On Competition”. In the case of an auction only on the set of “Beyodaym” winner it would be predetermined - it is the only Russian manufacturer company set “R-Pharm”, which is also the only manufacturer of pertuzumab.

Biocad Company believes that the auction had to be divided into monokomponenty, not to restrict competition and save budgetary funds. The proposal Biocad turned to the Sevastopol oncologic dispensary, but the clinic refused to change the terms.

The next step was the submission of a claim to the Sevastopol City Court, which decided against her. Nevertheless, Biocad position supported Crimean FAS. May 20 the agency issued a decision to cancel an auction for a set of “Beyodaym” in the security force of the law “On Competition”.

Note that the April 28, 2016 in the Moscow region, the auction for the drug trastuzumab. During the competitive bidding contract falling home prices was 35%.

Biocad company will not rest on our laurels and plans to appeal the prosecutor’s office and a higher court with a claim about violations in the procedure of organizing the auction for the purchase of medicines in Sevastopol involving budgetary funds.

About company

Biotechnology company Biocad - leading Russian innovative company combining research and development of world-class facility, cutting-edge pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, preclinical and international clinical studies, corresponding to the modern standards. Biocad - one of the few companies in the world full cycle of creation of drugs from research molecule to the mass production and marketing support. Drugs intended for the treatment of the most difficult diseases such as cancer, HIV, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, etc. The company employs about 1 000 people, of whom more than 300 scientists and researchers. In 2015 the company’s turnover amounted to more than 10 billion rubles., And the total amount of international long-term contracts reached $ 700 million. Offices and offices throughout the United States, Brazil, China, India, Singapore and other countries.

3 June 2016

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