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Russian world and European civilization (writing grade 11 student)

In recent years, Western and liberal domestic journalism, write a lot about Russian barbarism against the background of European civilization. But if we compare moral ideals and the real life of the people, look through the heroic pages of the history of the Russian people, there is a very different picture.

For example, in the Russian pagan pantheon was never the god of war, while among the peoples of Europe the concept of martial deity dominated the whole epic is built around war and conquest.

Russian people after the victory over the infidels never sought to forcibly convert them to their faith. In the epic “Ilya Muromets and Idol” Russian hero relieve Constantinople from the pagan Idol, but refuses to be voevoda city and returns home. In ancient literature there is no theme at enrichment conquests, robberies, while stories on this topic are common in Western literature.

Heroes “Song of the Nibelungs” obsessed with the search for buried treasure - the gold of the Rhine. The main character of the ancient English poem “Beowulf” dies “saturate view game gems and glitter of gold … in exchange for a life of wealth put me.” None of the heroes of the Russian epic comes to mind putting life in exchange for wealth. Moreover, Ilya Muromets not able to receive the mercy offered by robbers - the “golden treasury, dress color and how good the horses ought to.” He did not hesitate to reject the path where “be rich”, but voluntarily undergoes road where “be put to death.”

And not only in the epic, but also in the legends, tales, songs, proverbs and sayings of the Russian people the duty of personal or tribal honor has nothing to do with the duty of personal or tribal revenge.

The notion of retaliation, as such, is absent in Russian folklore, it is as if not originally incorporated in the “genetic code” of the people, and the Russian soldier has always been a warrior-liberator. And in that - unlike the Russian people from Western Europe.

Russian historian and philosopher Ivan Ilyin wrote: “Europe does not know us … because it is alien to slavyanorusskoe contemplation of the world, nature and man Western European humanity is moving will and intellect Russian people live primarily in heart and imagination, and only then the mind and the will… Therefore, the average European ashamed of honesty, conscience and kindness as “nonsense”.

Caucasian, educated Rome despises himself and other peoples desires to rule over them. Russian people, on the contrary, is waiting on the person first of all goodness, conscience and sincerity.

Russian people have always enjoyed the freedom of its natural space … He is always “surprised” to other nations, kindly get along with them and hated only invading oppressors … “.

On the mercy and justice of Russian man shows neighborly attitude to the peoples of connected areas. The Russian people did not create such atrocities as the enlightened Europeans in the conquered land.

The national psychology was some restraining moral principle. By nature, strong, tough, dynamic people have been endowed with astonishing survival.

On the strength of mind and based the famous Russian patience, and tolerance toward others.

Under the continuous invasions from all directions, in an incredibly harsh climatic conditions, the Russian people colonized vast territories, not to destroy, enslave, rob and do not cross over by force any people.

The colonial policy of Western European peoples Aboriginal eradicated three continents, it has turned into a huge slave population of African metropolis and always be rich at the expense of the colonies.

The Russian people, leading not only defensive wars, join, like all great nations, large areas never treated the conquered, as the Europeans. From European conquests better off European nations, robbing colonies enriched metropolis.

Russian people are not robbed or Siberia or Central Asia or the Caucasus or the Baltic states. Russia has kept every nation, entered into it. It was their protector, provided them the right to land ownership, on faith, customs and culture.

Russia has never been a nationalist state, it belonged simultaneously to all who live in it. The Russian people had only one “advantage” - carry the burden of nation-building.

The result was a unique in world history state that the Russian people defending their own blood, not sparing lives.

Precisely because it accounts have dropped so much suffering and enormous sacrifice, my people took as their own pain and suffering of other peoples under the yoke of Nazi fascists.

And after the liberation of his native country with the same self-sacrifice, with the same energy liberated half of Europe.

That’s what was heroic! That’s what creates fortitude of people Russian land!
And it seems to me that such a feat, even a great nation can be solved once a century.

Patriotism, which showed Russian soldiers in the Great Patriotic War of fields - is the patriotism of the highest standard, which did not know of any world or national history. And I will never agree with the statements in the press about Russian “barbarism” and European “goodness.”

I am proud that such a beautiful, steadfast, courageous, and endurance were our ancestors, our heroic ancestors, and we - their descendants!

Author Anna Zhdanova, 16 years old, a student Radkovskoy Prokhorovsky school district, a participant of the regional competition of young corrs “His voice.”

1 June 2016

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