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Roszdravnadzor recommends complain about the quality of the medicines your doctor

Independently the patient is not able to distinguish quality from poor-quality drug, said the head of department Michael Murashko

MOSCOW, 23 May. / TASS /. Patients should contact with complaints of side effects of drugs or lack of therapeutic effect of these to your doctor and have the doctor or medical institution in which he works, sent an official complaint to the Roszdravnadzor.
This was stated by head of the Federal Service for Supervision in the health sector Mikhail Murashko.

“Handle must be obtained through a doctor. For example, the same headache may be associated with the development of parallel kakogo-to disease or other chem-to. Identify the taste and color quality of the drug, you can not” - he said, answering a question about TASS whether the patient can go directly to the agency with relevant complaints.
Murashko said that the patient alone can not distinguish quality from poor preparation. “If there is undesirable reaction in the absence of the drug or the drug, then it is regarded as either treatment failure or a problem with the product In this case, the data on it are fed into our system.”, - Said the head of Roszdravnadzor.
Earlier, Deputy Minister of Health Minister Tatyana Yakovleva said that medical institutions and patients themselves have to deal with official complaints about the quality of drugs. “Of course, we are of them, and we can only know it … This should be fixed Roszdravnadzor” - said Yakovlev.

Pharmacovigilance and the quality of medicines

Director of the Department of Ministry of Health drug supply Maksimkina Elena explained that with regard to the interchangeability of medicines there are two aspects. First - this is the proof of quality, efficacy and safety of a generic framework in comparative studies with the reference. The second aspect concerns the critical points of the deviation of the drug at the stage of their treatment.
“Within the framework of a common document with the common market, which builds up in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Space, designed by a very skilled international pharmacovigilance balanced document, which placed an important criterion - the critical points of the deviation from the reference drug reproduced on the stage of treatment”, - she said.
“If these critical points are not confirmed, and a greater role in this belongs to the community doctor’s, which must be reported to the Roszdravnadzor, then we with you will be every reason to remove from the market products not confirmed (quality) at the stage of appeal,” - he said Maksimkina.
She also recalled that the data register interchangeability medicines will be opened after 2018.

23 May 2016

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