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195 years since the birth of Russian Archimedes

Pafnuty Chebyshev (4 (16) May 1821 - 26 November (8 December) 1894) - an outstanding Russian mathematician, engineer, inventor, educator, and military engineer, who was called the Russian Archimedes.

Chebyshev was born in the village Okatova Borovsky district of Kaluga province in the family of a wealthy landowner Lev Pavlovich. Why newborn named rarely encountered name Paphnutius, it is difficult to say. Probably because it was close to Okatova Pafnutiev monastery, originally honored Chebyshev. Father of the future mathematics Lev Pavlovich was dashing cavalry cornet in twenty years, participated in the battles against the French. Then he retired and settled in his estate and took up farming. Ambient considered him a good man. But Agrafena Ivanovna, mother Paphnutii not lyu6ili for cruelty and arrogance, and even close relatives, especially poorer people, its location is never counted. Childhood Pafnuty passed in the old big house. Check it seemed to be countless and long half-dark corridors at night inspired awe boys that morning seemed to them ridiculous and absurd. This house dryahlel from year to year, then he pulled down and built a new one. And in the place where he was almost half a century, Pafnuty with younger brothers then establish, a huge block of granite, which flogged words: “Here, five sons and four daughters and Lev Pavlovich Chebyshev Agrippina Ivanovna was born.” The stone now stands there.

Paphnutius learned to read and write in the mother, and arithmetic at the Sukharev cousin, the girl is very educated. Pafnutii sharply different from the other children of his age. From early childhood he preferred to all the games and amusements to sit at the table to solve the problem, take it. Hardly having learned the numbers, he spent hours over their notebooks with problems and solve them one by one.

- Paphnutius, you have walked in the garden. The weather is warm, wonderful, and you’re still sitting there but think - say sometimes the mother.

Obedient boy went into the garden, but there continued to be engaged in favorite business-account, Lay on the ground stones, according to how many of them in a row, then shift the back, he comes up with different, sometimes very amusing task. Solitude and indifference to noisy games, probably contributed to the physical flaw with childhood Chebyshev one leg information, it is a little limp. This, of course, reflected in the stock of his character, to avoid forcing the children to play, forcing more to stay at home.

In 1832 the family moved to Moscow to continue his education maturing children. In Moscow Paphnutius mathematics and physics involved Platon Nikolaevich Pogorelsky, one of the best teachers in Moscow. It was a typical teacher Nicholas era. He, according to contemporaries, was distinguished by “harsh handling of the pupils and predilection for punitive measures.” Always serious, with a frowning face, demanding to pedantry. Pogorelsky students held in the strictest supervision. But he knew the math and knew how to present his subject in a clear and accessible form. It was he who sowed the first seeds of love in the minds of Chebyshev in mathematics as a science, to the compressed, clear and accessible presentation of its foundations. The most difficult task, which usually baffled many strong students, Paphnutius decided freely and easily, and on a more difficult sit for a few days, finding great pleasure in solving such problems.

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16 May 2016

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