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Questions about the master programs and courses were discussed at a conference in Moscow

April 25 at the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (Moscow) hosted the second National Conference dedicated to creating and designing competitive master’s degree programs and courses.
As part of the conference hosted a forum “Master: a model for the assembly,” Vladimir Potanin, with the support of the Foundation. The main topics of the forum dealt with creating and designing competitive master programs and courses technologies. The forum was attended by over 150 delegates across the country, representing 61 Russian university. One of them - the organizer of last year’s academic dispute, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, European University in St. Petersburg Artemy Magoon.
- This is the second conference on the judiciary, in which I participate. First I organized jointly with the Fund last year in St. Petersburg. And although for me there is theoretically supposed to be a little something new, I found the event very instructive. It could be seen very well how different problems arise in two types of Master: dedicated to engineering sciences and economics, and those that belong to the humanities and science oriented - said Artemy Magoon, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Sociology; Ph.D. (Philosophy), University of Strasbourg, France; Ph.D. (Political Science), University of Michigan, USA. - We have two fundamentally different types of master’s and written standards for all equally. For example, there appears “practice”. What practices in philosophy? This is a purely theoretical discipline, and practice on it can be except that the life itself. I believe that legislators and artists should be more flexible and more differentiated in its approach to graduate. These ideas were heard and at last year’s conference in St. Petersburg, and at this event.
In 2016 it held the second mass release of undergraduate, fundamentally changed the situation with the multi-level education and the demand for it in Russia. Increasing the number of budget places master, develop master’s programs. But there are other issues, how to make the program up to date on an academic level and at the same time demand on the labor market? How to study the target audience of the program, and form an image of a graduate? How to manage the masters program? How to meet the expectations of students? All of these issues were the subject during the forum for lively debate.
- New requirements for a specialist arise now everywhere. It is about ready to graduate understanding, acceptance, rapid development and application of knowledge in professional activity. Deploys large-scale work on updating educational programs, especially Masters (they are closest to the labor market) in accordance with professional standards, - he stressed in his speech Vice-Rector for graduate and postgraduate Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Kamenev
During the conference, a round table on the design, where the participants discussed the best ways to create a competitive master’s level programs. About his experience told the winners of grant competition Scholarship Program of Vladimir Potanin, have already implemented their projects. Finally, the participants were divided into multiple threads to discuss more specific topics - such as the development of online courses, innovations in education, modern formats of Master’s programs.
The Conference was of special significance for the winners of the Scholarship program, is still embarking on their projects. The results of extensive discussions will create exciting, innovative creative designs that can change the image of the judiciary, provide new opportunities for personal and professional growth of teachers. All this, ultimately, will help make higher education in Russia, more modern and high quality.
- We believe that this dialogue is important and relevant. On the one hand, graduate prospects are discussed on a variety of grounds, on the other - clearly not enough specialized discussions, where a certain level of education or a problem were the subject of a special professional discussion. We hope that this platform, as this will be in demand, - says CEO Vladimir Potanin Foundation Oksana Oracheva

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