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The syndrome of “watchman” in the Ministry of Education: Deputy Tolstikova can not force his subordinate Alexander Kharchenko perform direct duties

Deputy obranauki Catherine Tolstikova wrote an 18-page that more than a year (!) Can make his subordinate Alexander Kharchenko perform direct duties.

In my possession was a unique document - a letter from the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Catherine Tolstikova to the Minister Dmitry Livanov. Catherine Tolstikova Network Management oversees the Department of subordinate organizations of Ministry of Education, which is headed by Alexander Kharchenko.
The content of the letter is very surprising. Madam Minister Livanov Tolstikova complains that for over a year (!) Can make his subordinate (the same Kharchenko) work. She indignantly lists dozens (!) Really egregious cases, when the subordinate head of the Department systematically fails to comply with its responsibilities refuses to coordinate the work of the Department with the line of the party and the government, that is does not perform direct instructions Tolstikova and even the Russian government.
And we are not talking about some trifles. Kharchenko disrupts vital for the country to work for the federal target program “Crimea”. Specifically, it has long prohibited its employees travel to reunite with the Russian peninsula on business, then, after catching up from the Minister, allow the same, but the work will not allow it, driving back and forth, but the work is worth it. Prohibit even control over the distribution of subsidies for the Crimean universities.
“Subordinate organizations” in question - it is mostly Russian universities, the property which you want to register and then to define its “legal fate.” Kharchenko so “jealous” belongs to this category that most complicates the work of all ministries on property transactions, not hesitating to direct forgery. It is in black and white in a letter to the Deputy Minister Tolstikova Livanov, registered in the office of the Ministry of Education (incoming number UE-168 / VI of 7 April 2016).
As follows from the letter of the deputy minister, these forgeries Kharchenko made in the harmonization and adjustment of the new “lists of immovable and especially valuable movable property”, which, I believe, may indicate his selfish interest and may fall within the competence of the Investigative Committee of Russia.
And if not a forgery, then the wire! Even fully ready for signing documents Department keeps Kharchenko, according Tolstikova, two or three months! The motivation is obvious. Head of the Department, through inaction, as it suggests “slow-witted” Rectors and heads of other institutions subordinated to what to do to secure his precious (literally) of signatures on documents.
So, for example, delayed documents on the North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute, on MSUCE at the Izhevsk State Technical University. MT Kalashnikov at Voronezh State University, the Pacific State University, the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, at Volgograd State Pedagogical University, at Don State Technical University … On the legal question of the curator of his department - Catherine Tolstikova - reasons for the delay Kharchenko pointedly does not respond (!), she angrily and says in his letter to the Minister.
Hard to believe, but Kharchenko does not shun even direct sabotage the decisions of the Russian Government! According Tolstikova her slave excluded from the text Minobornauki order concerning the provision of information about the property, the timing of this information than completely ruined this job. Deputy indignantly writes that “A. Kharchenko daily violates official regulations, systematically and, apparently, basically not doing writing assignments”, established a ban Department staff participate in weekly to coordinate the Department’s activities and meetings ceased to be reported. In particular, it ignores the order Harchenko his direct boss “On strengthening control over the registration of especially valuable movable property”. So, he was commissioned not later than 16 November 2015 to submit a single schedule for the completion of the federal account especially valuable movable property in the Register of Federal Property. This order is not executed, writes Tolstikova and requested an explanation is not presented.

Source: newvz.ru

21 April 2016

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