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In Moscow, destroyed the name of Dante Alighieri Library

The Department of Culture of Moscow has decided to terminate the right of operational management on the premises named Dante Alighieri Library Street. Builders, d. 8, the housing 2 and pass this room Investigative Committee. Until May 1 library have taken out of the building, which means that will cease to exist, one of the most brilliant, famous and popular Moscow libraries.

Unique library funds, including fund literature in foreign languages, and its property is planned to disperse to other libraries. New decent facilities not offered library. And the residents of Gagarin district, including students, who actively use the library funds, will be without the full library services.
Since opening in 1955, the name of Dante Alighieri The library was one of the largest public libraries in Moscow. For over 25 years it has worked with the People’s University of Culture with three faculties, students who did not have one generation of residents of Moscow. Since 1991, the library acts Society named Dante Alighieri. With the active participation of the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow created the Italian Cultural Foundation “Italiano”, which is used by residents of Moscow, studying the Italian language and interested in history, cultural heritage and modern life in Italy. In partnership with the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Area Studies of Moscow State University, Moscow Byron Society, the Hellenic Cultural Center held-cultural, literary, art competitions for schoolchildren and students, collecting 200 to 500 participants. In the library of literature and music evenings, book presentations, meetings with writers and critics, current Italian music room, Film Club. The library cooperates with the museums of Moscow, an exhibition of their collections.
named Dante Alighieri Library - a modern cultural and information space. It not only develops the traditional activities to promote reading, but also actively went out to meet the communicative needs of the inhabitants of the modern metropolis. Since 2009, the library operates electronic library card and automated delivery of books. Implementing the program “Electronic Moscow”, the library opened a Center for public access of the population (DPC) to modern information and communication technologies. For three years, the project is developing successfully “Open your e-mail - enter the library”: employees weekly alert readers when new literature, posters send events, useful information about the library. The pedestrian zone and a park, arranged next to the library and its readers residents every summer is a summer reading room Open-air.

The library has awards of the Ministry of Culture and the Moscow government, repeatedly became the winner of professional competitions. Librarians, readers and friends of the library rose to her defense. They sent an online appeal to President of the Russian Federation, addressed to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin and the Embassy of Italy.

15 April 2016

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