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In Yekaterinburg ended a two-week marathon of information dedicated to the problem of autism

This year for the first time fully Ekaterinburg joined the most ambitious international campaign of solidarity with autistic people. The action was supported not only by the authorities of Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, but
a number of public and commercial organizations. Information support to actions carried out traditional HA “Newton”.

A series of events started on March 23 and ended only 7 of April, covering all important for the project target groups: children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), their parents and family members; neurotypical children and their parents, who were members of an inclusive program; representatives of the professional community and authorities. The main initiators of the event were local community, parents and professionals - ANO “Open City” fund “other I” and the Association for helping people with ASD and mental disabilities “special people.”

The key event for the general public in the afternoon was just 2 April. On this day, the order of the 50 largest urban buildings and structures - such as the Library Center “Ekaterinburg”, municipal union libraries of the city, zoo, puppet theater, Theatre for Young People, Theatre ballet “The Nutcracker”, folk art center “Humayun”, the Museum “The Soviets” actor’s House, Museum of the history of Yekaterinburg and Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts and many others lit up in blue. This was possible thanks to the efforts of the culture department of Yekaterinburg, joined the project at the invitation of “special people” Association. Also in action will join a number of iconic commercial properties - Passage Greenwich KomsoMALL. Light blue and street Weiner and City Hall. Major developments have focused on Wayne Street - near the Fine Arts Museum, as well as on-site and in the lobby near the Youth Theatre. In the city center held flash mobs, concerts and photo exhibitions, as the final chord, the symbolic launch of blue balls.
Perhaps the most significant event for the professional audience was a round table “Autism. People who do not have”, held at the initiative of the Association “Special people” and with the support of the Civil Code “Newton”. The main purpose of the meeting was to initiate dialogue between relevant ministries and agencies, representatives of public organizations, as well as experts in the field of medicine and pedagogy. During the discussion, we identified the main problems of families, where children with autism spectrum disorders and the ways of their solution. Firstly - the problem of early diagnosis and early intervention in autism, and secondly - the problem of the definition of life and educational route, including the right to inclusion, third - further integration with autism in public and social life, including employment.

“Now it is clear that we need to unite We need a unified plan for the rehabilitation of each individual child Then the action plan should be consistently fulfilled all services -.. Health care, social services,” - said in conclusion, the deputy head of the Regional Ministry of Social Policy Dilara Rashidovna Medvedskaya.

Do not stay aside and international organizations, particularly with the Ural-Siberian Federation of Associations, Centres and Associations. “It is no coincidence, because our main goal - to assist in the implementation of the United Nations and UNESCO’s programs, promotion of the principles and ideals of the international organizations, - says Dmitry Vaskov, the Speaker of the Youth Parliament Ural-Siberian Federation of Associations, Centres and Associations - hope that this year, residents of Yekaterinburg and guests will take an active part in various events devoted to autism issues, think about it and will be assisted throughout the life of this unique people in education, work and participation in public life. ”

He completed a series of events for the general public meeting of the discussion club “smart environment” on the theme of “The Rain People: Myths and Reality”. The main speakers of the meeting was the head of the department of clinical psychology and psychophysiology and brain laboratory and neurocognitive development Sergey Kiselev UrFU; Assistant Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of the Russian Federation Tatyana Fleganova; assistant professor of clinical psychology and psychophysiology Lyudmila Tokarskaya, zavotdeleniem free creative development of children’s art schools “Art constellation” Julia Malkova. The moderator of the traditionally made CEO of GK “Newton” Alex Glazyrin. The guests of the meeting were parents of children with ASD, representatives of local NGOs and the professional community.

“Thank you to all the guests and experts for a quiet and intelligent conversation, as well as a fair for attempting to answer the question is not” Who is to blame “and” what to do “- commented Tatiana Khizhnyakov project, GK Development Director of” Newton “.

“I want to thank all the people who were not indifferent to the problem of autism. I am at the end of these two weeks, I just can not, I noted that the Civil Code” Newton “work not only true professionals, but also beautiful, responsive, sympathetic people” - says Tatiana Fleganova, assistant Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of the Russian Federation.

“The support and understanding of the Civil Code of the team,” Newton “is invaluable Without it, it is unlikely that we’ve got to realize this challenging project.” - Sums up the director of the association “Open City” Anna Kleshcheva.

“The non-profit sector, science and education, as well as branding areas -. It is not just our locomotive business practices, but also segments that we believe are important to the civil point of view relation to shares, like Day of the spread Autism Awareness demonstrate the level of development of the territory and civilization of its inhabitants, “- commented in the CC” Newton “- That is why we have decided not only to support the organizers of the” Light blue “, but also to bring to the event their own contribution by autism is the subject of the nearest” Smart protection “- discussion club, more 5 years, with the support of the Civil Code “Newton” and the magazine “Business and life” is going to active members of the urban community.

12 April 2016

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