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The authorities of the Tomsk region supported the ONF on the project “Mobile Teacher”

The authorities of the Tomsk region supported the regional branch of the All-Russia People’s Front on the implementation of the project area in the region, “Mobile Teacher“. This initiative is reflected in the changes in the regional law “On the provision of inter-budgetary transfers.”
As a result of the regional “Action Forum” ONF in the Tomsk region, held in December 2015 and handed over to public figures prepared by the regional authorities proposals to improve the quality of life in the execution of decrees and orders of the President of Russia, the leader of the All-Russia People’s Front of Vladimir Putin. Based on these public initiatives were formed and sent to relevant departments of the relevant instructions of the governor of the Tomsk region.
One of the proposals prepared by the experts of the Regional Working Group of ONF “Education and culture as a basis of national identity”, on consideration of the implementation of the Tomsk Region pilot project “Mobile Teacher” in order to eliminate the deficit of teaching staff in small schools the countryside. This project aims to provide highly qualified teaching staff cars, carrying out teaching activities in educational institutions located in remote rural areas.
“In the Tomsk region there is a serious problem of lack of teachers. Moreover, given the positive demographic situation, the shortage of teachers every year will only increase, - said the head of the regional working group ONF” Education and culture as a basis of national identity “Hope Lyzhin. - Now all levels of the search for solutions to this problem are discussed rapid response measures and comprehensive approach for the future. ”
According Lyzhin, the implementation of the project “Mobile Teacher” will help reduce the need for teachers, closing positions on a number of subjects in rural schools in the Tomsk region and the provision of quality education affordable for students.
The bodies of legislative and executive authorities of the Tomsk region supported the “war veterans”. At the March meeting of the Legislative Duma of the region have adopted changes in the regional law “On the provision of fiscal transfers”, aimed at the creation of this academic year, the conditions for the introduction of federal government standards. For this purpose, the region planned 160 million rubles. Part of these funds will be used for the purchase of five vehicles in the framework of the project “Mobile Teacher”.
“The presence of the current year, within the framework of the project” Mobile Teacher “, five cars, will allow an average of close to 15 jobs. This means that the teacher, the appropriate number of requirements, moving to flexibly car, will conduct lessons in the subject in several schools, “- said Nadezhda Lyzhin.
If at the end of the school year the results of the project “Mobile Teacher” will be positive, the Popular Front activists will perform its annual development and expansion.

11 April 2016

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