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State Duma deputies proposed to move on September 1st

In the State Duma a bill on registered postpone the start of the learning process from 1 September to 1 October. The corresponding document was introduced by deputies from the LDPR Alexei Didenko, Mikhail Degtyaryov and Egor Anisimov.

According to the parliamentarians, the transfer of the start of the school year will extend the effective use of the warm season for recreation for children, and for the development of Russian tourism.

“The transfer of the start of classes will not only allow more efficient use of the warm season for recreation of children, but also help the development of domestic tourism in Russia”, - said in a memorandum to the bill.

In making this proposal, members are reminded that September is considered the velvet season, when dominated by warm and sunny weather, as well as many mature fruits and berries.

“Even in the Primorye Territory in June, when the children go on a vacation, is a cool month, on the contrary, September hot?” - The authors note.

They also give an example, in many countries, schools can set their own day of class. For example, in India and Japan, the school year begins on April 1, and in Spain introduced a floating date, but “not later than 1 October.”

7 April 2016

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