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ONF experts discussed the order of the President of the Russian Federation on health

March 21, 2016 in Tomsk regional branch of the All-Russia People’s Front held a meeting of the subgroup “policy in the health sector” working group “Social Justice”. The main issue of discussion was the implementation of the Tomsk Region ONF leader orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

- One of the president’s orders are the issues of implementation of the programs “Zemsky doctor” and “Zemsky paramedic,” - said the head of the sub-group “health care policy” Ivan Deev. - This project allows professionals to find work in district health facilities and get a “lift” means that a specialist can spend at its discretion, and also allows you to a certain extent to solve the problem with the shortage of personnel in health facilities districts. This year, coming to the end of the first five-year contracts, and all of us concerned about the issue - whether these people will work in the village, and who will replace those professionals who do decide to leave.

Initially, the project “Zemsky doctor” was entirely federal, but today it is connected to the co-financing by the Russian Federation. Over the past few years working in district health facilities left over three hundred specialists and expected that some of them will return to the city. During the meeting, the experts of the working group of the Tomsk ONF decided to request from the Regional Health Department of displacement data specialists who participated in the program, and to invite to the next meeting of representatives Oblzdrav for a more detailed discussion of this issue. proposals will be prepared on the basis of their answers from Tomsk ONF, which will then be sent for implementation to address the regional executive.

- It is necessary to understand whether there is in general doctors an incentive to continue to be to work in rural areas, - the co-chairman of the Tomsk branch of the ONF Tatiana Solomatin. - For example, in the area of ​​the settlement there is often a problem of free housing for doctors visiting. Experts are ready to come to work in the area, often can not afford to rent a house, not what to buy, because the vacancy in the settlement, in principle, no. All municipalities in this respect are different, and the degree of participation of the heads of municipal formations also differs from region to region.

Another issue raised at the meeting of the working group of the ONF, was the training of doctors - migrants from former Soviet republics, which also come to work in areas of the region, after passing diploma nostrification procedure.

- Despite the fact that their diplomas are recognized by the Russian Federation, it raises a big question about their professional level, - the chairman of the Audit Commission of the Tomsk ONF Vladimir Baytinger. - Doctors of the former Soviet republics comes a lot and often they go to work in areas, as there are a greater shortage of staff. I think we should raise the question of their professional training, and, above all, pay attention to the availability of training.

At the meeting of the working group, it was decided to supplement request for the Tomsk Region Health Department paragraph about the number of doctors - migrants from former Soviet republics, the employed in the region, having nostrificated diplomas, as well as to establish the final period and the upcoming training through training.

24 March 2016

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