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Defense Ministry issued a recovery video alarm airborne units

Defense Ministry issued a video raising the alarm Airborne units during sudden inspection of combat readiness in the framework of the strategic command and staff training on the management of the Armed Forces.
Ulyanovsk, Tula and Ivanovo and units of Airborne, stationed in Moscow, were alerted and given a highly alert, and then moved to the regions of formation of columns.
The regrouping of forces carried out a combined way: on a regular technique in convoys, air and rail transport to the airfield “North - Ivanovo”, “Chkalovsky” and the railway station “Cherdakly”

Security check Airborne held in two stages. The first issues were worked out to bring in full combat readiness attracted to the verification units and formations. On the first paratroopers and give them units will hold tactical exercises with live firing and landing on the ground in the Orenburg, Ivanovo, Ryazan and Tula regions.
On March 22, Russia began a strategic command and staff training for the armed force participation management. As part of the exercise by the Supreme Commander of the unannounced check combat readiness of the Airborne Forces. Total sudden inspection involved about 30 thousand. Man personnel, more than 3.8 thousand. Units of armaments and military equipment and more than 100 aircraft.

23 March 2016

««« Scientists have counted as a reduction in the consumption of meat and vegetarian diet will help the world’s health and environment ONF experts discussed the order of the President of the Russian Federation on health »»»

The Russian military under the sudden check on the nominated airports and railway stations »»»
Military units from the Southern, Western and Central military districts.
Mongolia's Armed Forces Division arrived on the territory of Russia for participation in international exercises "Selenga 2016" »»»
Units of the Armed Forces of Mongolia came to the range of the Eastern Military District "Burdun".
During the exercise, "Caucasus" with Crimea airfields lifted into the air for more than 20 fighters, estimates of S-300 and S-400 fulfilled their conditional use »»»
Aviation Southern Military District fulfills reflected massive raid imaginary enemy during the exercises "Caucasus-2016", reported Thursday the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Combat training missions antiterrorist worked for the Russian Navy in the passage of the Suez Canal »»»
Large anti-submarine ship (BOD) of the Northern Fleet (NF) "Vice-Admiral Kulakov.
In the Amur region, opened the first pilot school for the military. »»»
Lessons from the literature in between stroypodgotovkoy. In the Amur region, opened the first pilot school for the military.