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Mal toxin, but dangerous. Or who is the boss?

Many probably know the state in which no matter how much sleep, fatigue passes. When you lie down and wake up with the same feeling of total sleep deprivation. When everything goes wrong, things are not done, the state replaced viscosity thought flashes of anger or irritation. Not the place appears forgetfulness and confusion, from which it seems that everything happens in a blur. And only one goal on the horizon, to endure to leave, well, or at worst, the next weekend. If you have similar conditions, then you know you are dealing with toxins and impurities that have accumulated in the body too much, and they are a danger.

What is so afraid of these toxins?

Let’s imagine a house in which long time no one to clean up, no dust, no washing dishes and floors, the bin is full, the room is not ventilated long time, and through the dirty windows can not see the street. Probably, everyone understood that in such a house is very difficult man to live, and even more so to be healthy and vigorous spirit. But the same thing happens in our body. The cells were very difficult to survive and maintain their function under such conditions.

Toxins - is aggressive organic or inorganic substances, which are able to disrupt the cells, organs and body systems. Toxins interact with cellular inclusions and change the cells work. Slag, or otherwise calculi - is, in fact, the accumulation of toxins, representing compacted or hardened formation in hollow organs. For example, cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, salt deposits in bone tissue, different kinds of rocks in the gut, liver, kidney, pancreas and bladder. Toxins - this is the real enemy, who lives in each person. And if the body for some reason can not cope with the task of toxins output, their accumulation leads to serious changes in the body: body odor, skin color, serious violations of the hormonal, nervous and other body systems, the weakening and premature aging.

But for some reason, not all are paying due attention to these deviations in health. Unpleasant body odor masked deodorants, skin rash - powder, cream; its sluggish state of trying to change the synthetic vitamins, strong tea or coffee. And this leads to even greater “clogging”. And now, new toxins multiplying army of attacking and conquering new frontiers of the human body, causing him to serious disease, sometimes incurable by modern medicine.

Let’s take a closer look at the process of getting toxins into the body and wagging it.

Toxins appear in our bodies and constantly present in everything that surrounds us. We inhale them from the air, swallow food and liquids are used in the form of medicines and synthetic vitamins. They enter the body through the skin with detergents, cosmetics and perfumes.

Scientists, it was estimated that for a year a person eats, drinks and breathes more than 3 kg of toxins. You just think about it!

Toxins accumulate in the body when malfunction of organs and systems. For example, disorders of the digestive system, the food is poorly digested and begins to rot. In the process of decay products are formed, which are also the poisons. They can be grouped into the stones, being postponed in the intestine, vessel walls and other areas. When trouble with the hormonal and nervous systems, isolate and unspent hormones also turn into toxins.

It’s no secret that the human body - a “house” for microorganisms. Every living organism inhabited by bacteria, viruses, phages, fungi and worms, “products” of life which are also the toxins. And if there are favorable conditions, they thrive, poisoning the life of cells. It is no wonder they say: “It is necessary to weaken immunity, all ailments manifest themselves.”

Another “way” of penetration of toxins - it’s medicine. All of these, to a greater or lesser extent, are poisons. One has only to read the annotation to drugs, and once it becomes clear that with their help one cure, and another cripple. Therefore, to use the drug with great care and in extreme cases, when other means do not help your body.

And how many harmful substances we get from the food … Nitrates and trans fats, various colors and flavors, preservatives and flavor enhancers. The food industry has long been “made friends” with the chemical industry and is widely used to achieve it for food.

In addition, the cells themselves appear toxins from substances that cells could not recycle. (Nicolai Levashov. Spirit and Mind)

Accumulated toxins inhibit the function of organs and body systems. For example, lead and other heavy metals contained in the urban smog entering the body, the active portion is substituted enzymes and hormones. This may lead to molecules that are mutilated hormones and enzymes cease to perform its functions. Disturbed metabolism, gets off work whole body systems.

Toxins are destroying the cell membrane and penetrate into the cell, bind to vital elements violate the exchange of electrolytes, protein synthesis and ion composition in the whole cell. Penetrating deeper inside, they destroy DNA.

DNA, in fact - is a program of development of the entire human body. If the cell is invaded by toxins, and blocked all of its vital structures, begin to develop degenerative processes. The cell begins to work in the abnormal mode, producing a substance alien to itself, or even ceases to perform its functions. Most toxins sensitive neurons - the cells of the nervous system and brain. Therefore, when intoxication is primarily disturbed sleep, attention, memory, the work of the nervous system, worsening the thought process.

The question arises, what to do? After all, man can not eat, drink or breathe.

In order that we can live in the body there are protective systems. One of them - “detoxification system”, neutralization and elimination of toxins. The main body of this system is the liver. Healthy liver - a reliable defender of our body from aggressive toxic substances. Every minute it filters up to 2 liters of blood, holding a variety of toxins.

Intoxication occurs when the toxin enters more than the body can neutralize. In addition, the liver can not always identify the toxic substance and the time to allocate the necessary enzyme to neutralize it. Such toxins begin to accumulate in the liver itself, destroying its cells, hepatocytes, and then in other organs, bone, muscle and connective tissue, interstitial fluid. A large number of toxins and accumulates in the fat cells.

In cleansing the body of toxins also involved the kidneys, gall bladder, intestines, skin, blood and respiratory system.

Modern methods of neutralization and elimination of toxins can achieve some results. It is the use of biologically active additives to food, medicines, herbs, dyubazhey, hydrotherapy (just-enema), and others. However, since a constant supply of toxins in the body after it does not stop, or not eliminated the source of the toxins within the body, after some time, the state of intoxication may occur again. For example, the source of intoxication - helminths. Even if we manage to bring all of worms from the body, it is not enough to improve health. We need more and flush toxins that are produced by the parasites in his life. It is extremely difficult to derive from the bone and muscle tissue of heavy metals, toxic molecules sealed in the fat cells of the liver. It is a long and laborious process.

The withdrawal of toxins play a significant role: healthy sleep, proper diet, exercise and sauna. But not “expel” toxins, we must also ensure that they do not fall into the body again. There are ways in which foods can be purified from nitrates, antibiotics and chemistry. The simplest of them - a soaking product before use. In addition, the diet should be rational and balanced. Care should be taken that would be the presence of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is sufficient for all systems of the body. For the normal course of metabolic processes necessary to the optimum amount of liquid. An adult is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day. Often, experiencing hunger, the man is saturated with the substances in the body so that in abundance. Or confused hunger with thirst. And instead of simply drinking a glass of water, a person eats.

To the effect of cleansing the body was stable, it is necessary to comprehensively understand not only the toxins and their sources.

To date, there is overwhelming evidence that the person is - is more than just a physical body. The soul or essence - is “underwater part of an iceberg”, which in modern science talk is not accepted. And this invisible part of “lion’s share” of what we call human.

But if a person does have a subtle material part, then something must bind them? And this question has an answer in the books of Nicholas Levashov. Communication “link” in the multi-dimensional structure of a molecule of DNA. It is a kind of - a portal to the human essence. It is in the DNA of the disintegration agents into primary matter, of which formed the essence of cells: etheric, astral and mental bodies. Since man is a multicellular organism, the totality of all subtle bodies cells form human essence. And if the toxins destroyed physical cell, it is reflected in the Essence. Therefore, the toxins must be approached comprehensively. Recovery should take place at all levels of the cells that have been damaged by toxins.

Let’s think about how the movement of the various liquids in the human body: blood, lymph, bile, tissue fluid, etc.? For example, as the bladder fills during sleep? After pelvis of urine can not drain by gravity, since the body is in a horizontal position. But, nevertheless, the bladder is filled. And it is filled by the fact that there are differences of dimensions which allow fluid to flow from the bulk with a higher concentration in a lower volume.

As can be derived from the cells and toxins. They, like any other substance, can be stable and active under certain conditions, making degrading actions. But the possibility of such conditions, when the toxin molecule splits into simpler substances. For example, the interaction with the liver enzyme it can move in a soluble form and safely displayed naturally.

Therefore, to remove toxins, it is necessary to create conditions under which they become unstable, they are active elements are broken down or transformed into secure. Neutralized toxins are removed by osmotic pressure, in other words, due to differences of dimension. They enter the blood, and then deducing a system: the gastro-intestinal tract, urinary, respiratory system and skin.

In addition, it is necessary not only to remove toxins, and viruses, bacteria, fungi, and worms. Restoration and cleansing the body of toxins, each person comes in different ways.

For the level of modern medical technology, working only with the physical body and mainly with the symptoms, the task is extremely difficult.

Fortunately, new technology is already working as a physical, and a fine-material human body, capable of creating dimension differences, eliminate toxins, toxins and even replace worn or damaged body cells with new ones.

But despite all the advantages of such technologies to the process of purification and recovery of the body took place more quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to think about their diet, drink plenty of pure water, take exercise more to be outdoors. And the greater the awareness and understanding of your actions will be, the sooner and easier to pass the healing process. Then a good mood, the body is full of strength and energy become the norm of your life.

Olga Sergeeva

21 March 2016

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