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Telegonia real. Children receive a part of the DNA of the mother of former lovers

Biologists have long remembered the “forgotten” or artificially consigned to oblivion and ridicule the official science phenomenon - Telegonia again proving its reality.

It is well known that the genetic material of a child are equally composed of DNA mother and father, but scientists have proved that no less influenced by the “left” genes former sexual partners. Researchers studying fruit flies, found that offspring size influences including the size of the previous female partner.

As the Daily Mail, scientists have found that the chemicals contained in the semen of males are much more important and lasting effect than previously thought.

They found that the flies organisms are not simply “assimilated” information about the partners with whom they do not even produce a common offspring, but also partly passed on to its descendants from other males.

Experts believe that this characteristic and the human body.

Theory called “Telegonia” is not new. She offered another ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. The word “Telegonia” comes from the Greek phrase “born away from his father,” and refers to the legend of the mythical son of Odysseus - Telegonia. According to this myth, Odysseus killed the accident and his ignorance of his son, born away from him. +

It is this theory was one of the reasons why the ancient kings with divorced marriages were banned. It assumed a woman’s body sends information about the children and ex-husband of the king heirs become “not pure blood.”

Golubyatnikov or dog lovers know, if unpedigreed male “spoiled” the female, then, even if the seed does not appear on the light, when crossed with thoroughbred male she has not come out “offspring of the elite.”

In the Soviet Union about Telegonia recalled in the sixties of the last century. Nine months after the World Youth Festival in 1958, the many black babies born in Moscow. It surprised few, and the majority of newborns immediately expanded local orphanage. But after a few years in some Moscow families suddenly became born negrityata.

This poor mother admitted that the first sexual contact they made a few years ago during the Festival with a guest from Africa, gave birth to a child years later by his white wife, who did not even think to change.

There is also the scandal with a student of Moscow State University of elite families, who gave birth to black. It turned out that she was once a fellow student-lover to a white man - Negro.

After numerous studies it was found that the effect extends Telegonia humans as well as all highly organized species.

If the conception of the child sex preceded his mother with one or more partners in addition to the father in the flesh of the child, then met the born and the elements of the chromosome set of the former lovers mother. In this case the result does not affect the use of birth control pills.

Later Genetics discredited and ridiculed the theory Telegonia, calling it a mistake. Official science has recognized this scandalous theory of myth.

Naturally, in the moment of the theory Telegonia countless opponents. It causes violent hit on it ironically, but more and more scientists say the discovery of a genetic mutation of the chromosomal chain child that can only be explained Telegonia.

According to the director of the Swedish Institute of Molecular Biology Arthur Mingreyma, DNA analysis of the same people in different periods of their lives revealed that in women after childbirth occur in DNA notable changes - it appeared the father of her child’s genes.

Swedish researchers found that carries the DNA chain hyaluronic acid, which is in the men’s mucous secretions during close misses in the ovaries where the ova are stored and incorporated into them. Thus a woman, not even become pregnant, will carry the egg, which will be embedded in the DNA chain all her previous sexual partners.

In turn, Professor Russell Bondurianski (Russell Bonduriansky) from the University of New South Wales in Australia, who discovered the system of the genetic inheritance in Drosophila, said: “Traditional science suggests that DNA father gear mating is carried out only in the case of the fruit of conception, but we We believe that the process is much more complicated. ”

Research flies carried them in 2014, revealed that the female is continuously connected with previous partners. Moreover, if the offspring were conceived with the second “husband”, its size is not dependent on his father, but from previous “lover.”

The professor believes that such an effect “LPs chemical elements”, transmitted by the female individual male, developed in the course of evolution. The body of the female fly’s DNA keeps all previous partners and “selects” the best, by embedding them in the descendants.

In addition, according to the professor, the same was traced in the study of gibbons and hawks. Their female offspring passed from the last “husband”, “bonus” from the most powerful male members of the species, which entered previously in short marriages without the birth of offspring.

“Paternal RNA is too complex a system, which is still poorly understood,” - said Bondurianski, noting that Telegonia theory works fine on a chemical level, despite the fact that involves an exchange of information with the help of bio-field.

He also suggested that the theory can apply to male individuals: information on all of the previous partner, perhaps able to gain a foothold in the body of the male, and passed on to offspring through the mother. However, research in this area Bondurianski not yet spent.

15 March 2016

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