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Zhenya Maltsev of Krasnodar Territory urgently needs money for treatment

Zhenya Maltsev of Krasnodar Territory urgently needs money for medical treatment. The boy has a very rare genetic disorder. His life depends on expensive medicines that must be taken regularly. The annual rate of the drug worth 1 million rubles. Buy medicines child’s family can not.

Jack, like most boys, loves football. However, chasing the ball, he can only virtually. Any physical activity banned doctors. He says it is insulting, that even in the courtyard in the gate will not quibble. Not so long ago the boy suffered a kidney transplant.

Zhenya Maltsev: “. Scary, of course I was afraid that I wake up and will hurt Although woke up and did not hurt much.”.

One of the boy’s kidneys simply refused because of a rare genetic disease. According to doctors, Fanconi syndrome, neuropathic cystinosis, a total of 8 people suffer in Russia. Due to the violation of the synthesis of the amino acid cystine child’s body is destroyed from within.

As long as the disease is incurable, but it is possible to live life by taking a special drug that artificially maintains metabolism. The drug should be taken strictly by the hour. Any violation of the regime entails deterioration. Lack of tablets would lead to inevitable defeat of the internal organs.

Zhenya left stocks of the drug until the end of April. The medicine can only be bought abroad. The annual rate is more than a million rubles. Money for it to buy medicine on their own, the family no longer exists.

To help his wife, SEND SMS to 7715 with the word “Happiness”, then a space and the amount of donations

14 March 2016

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