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In the Crimean school received the first textbooks in the Crimean Tatar language

Crimean School received the first textbooks in the Crimean Tatar language. On it are trained in 15 schools of the peninsula. On the Crimean Tatar translated more than 40 books, and will be translated again.

In Simferopol 42 school - a great event. Previously we studied here the Crimean Tatar language only in a strictly allotted time to this subject, but now the children will be able to do this for almost the entire school day. Literature, biology and even mathematics teachers will keep in Crimean Tatar, because there were books, translated into the language.

“We always talk in the family on the Crimean Tatar language, - says Medina Usmanov, a student of class 8 -. And I would like to take courses in their native language.”

To wish come true Medina, in the Republic of Crimea even developed a special state program: to provide textbooks in the Crimean Tatar language to all schools and classes that are in need. In 2016, for these purposes the government allocated 90 million rubles. But the hard work has already been done: the textbooks developed and began to publish.

“The development of textbooks have been actively involved board of scientists from the Crimea - says Vilen Dzhemalitdinov, director of the School №42 -. But it is also an important role played by ordinary teachers in our schools, teachers with the Crimean Tatar language of instruction, subject teachers, who helped in the translation of these textbooks in the Crimean Tatar language. ”

Of particular note is the new edition of a textbook on the Crimean Tatar language. “Textbook of the Crimean Tatar language is represented in two ways, - says Vilen Dzhemalitdinov, director of the School №42 -.. The Crimean Tatar language as native and Crimean Tatar language as nonnative That is in all our school children learn the Crimean Tatar language that expanding their horizons. ”

Such books are not enough, as the air in one voice insists teachers. They believe that a couple of hours in the school curriculum is not enough to save the language. And even then, that, in general, all the students speak the Crimean Tatar at home, at home, hardly could save at least its clean, literary form of gradual extinction.

“Every child in his family speaks their own dialect - explains Feruz Dzhamileva teacher -. School for what is needed to improve the literary level of language, for this tutorial, we need first of all to children read, learn their language, because literature?. language may die. ”

In Crimea, the 15 schools with the Crimean Tatar language of instruction. Learn the language for at least 40 of the more than five hundred of the peninsula schools. While in school textbooks received only 1 to Grade 7, but soon they will provide high school students and they say in the national Ministry of Education.

20 February 2016

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