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In Kostroma teacher saved the whole class

In Kostroma teacher saved the whole class. She led the children out of the office for a few seconds before the ceiling collapsed there. The teacher has now become a hero. And to those who are responsible for the condition of the school, there was a set of questions from investigators three years ago, it opened after a major renovation, which spent 50 million rubles.

Flowers and a hug - a happy end of the story, which almost became a tragedy.

“I had 2 lessons in a row, was a Russian, then - Literature And here they are on the fifth lesson came, we sat down, I was just beginning to set the task, and at this time there was a small crack, and on the wall so crawled some dust. or sand and I said:..! “Quickly out all of the class” They just listened to me - and came very organized all - I’m behind the closed door, and behind me boomed, “- says the teacher of Russian language and literature school number 26 in Kostroma Victoria Gorlevich.

In one of the classes of the 26 th school Kostroma collapsed ceiling. Do not fragment - fell all the weight of the construction is almost a ton. Rescuers then could not even bring it fully into the corridor because of the huge mass and size - I had to saw apart. If the teacher hesitated for a moment and went for help, 25 students would have been buried under the rubble.

“Turn off the lights, everything glittered, and we then ran down a whole ton fell, together with nails last person left -.. And that’s just a second, just three seconds - and all of it would fall on us”, - says the schoolgirl 6 “And “Alina class.

Miraculously, not repeat the tragedy, which occurred in the village of Orenburg Belyaevka in 2008. Then, five people were killed under the rubble of a collapsed school.

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18 February 2016

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