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Co-Chair of the Tomsk Tatiana ONF Solomatina helped residents of Tomsk region to resolve the issue with the refusal of the October branch of CDH Svetlenskoy serve children in a local hospital

In the Tomsk branch of the Popular Front was approached by residents of Tomsk region to help sort out the situation with the work of the children’s hospital department Svetlenskoy Oktyabrsky district hospital. In this department served the children of several nearby villages, such as robins, Tomsk, Itaka settlement, Oktyabrsky, Nikolayevka, Zarechny and Youth. For unknown reasons, for local residents, the hospital ceased to serve patients, and send their children to the diagnosis and treatment in the Tomsk hospital.

After treatment group initiative of inhabitants of Tomsk region in the Regional Executive Committee of the Popular Front, the co-chairman of the Tomsk Tatiana ONF Solomatina he visited the village of Oktyabrsky, in order to meet with the parents of the children and personally understand the problem situation.

- Residents are outraged by the fact that children with acute illnesses were sent to be tested in the city, although at hand they had a local hospital - said the co-chairman of the Tomsk branch of the ONF Tatiana Solomatin. - Parents with sick children had to sit for hours in hallways, waiting for test results, while spending their time and money on the road.

At a meeting with residents attended as a guide Svetlenskoy CRH and the head of the village of Oktyabrsky, and representatives of the Health Department of the Tomsk region. They explained to the villagers that the closure of the pediatric department was temporary for a period of quarantine for influenza. Currently quarantine closed, so patients will again be served in the usual way. patient service will resume from February 16, 2016.

- There is a communication problem between the management department of the October Svetlenskoy CRH and hospital staff - says Tatiana Solomatin. - Head physician did not consider it necessary to explain the reasons for the closure of the hospital doctors, and those, in turn, had nothing to say to parents of young patients. It was necessary to initially notify residents that the pediatric ward will not only function during the quarantine for influenza since it was decided to play it safe and diagnose children in the city in order to avoid complications.

Residents of Tomsk region Tomsk ONF thanked for prompt response to their query - the signal went to the executive committee on 12 February and on Monday, February 15 Tatiana Solomatin, together with and. about. Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health Department Ivannikova Olga Tomsk region went to a meeting with the villagers.

16 February 2016

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