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Tomsk ONF took control of FAP problems in the village Basandayka

The Tomsk regional branch of the Russian Popular Front appealed the villagers Basandayka Tomsk region with a number of complaints about the work of state and local obstetric points. After treatment in the village left the co-chairman of the Tomsk Tatiana ONF Solomatina to meet with residents and on the spot to investigate the situation.

- Until 2013 basandaysky FAP was in another room, which at that time was completely unsuitable for patient care, - said Tatiana Solomatin. - There were problems with the heating, in addition, there was no central sewerage and amenities were on the street. It was therefore decided to build a new Basandayke medical assistant item that meets modern requirements.

The new FAP is a so-called mobile unit, which is being built without a foundation and is assembled from separate parts of the module. It has a bathroom, water and heat. However, since it was built without a foundation, for the years of operation in Siberia building FAP beginning to tilt and deform, causing concern among local residents.

- Of course, well, that township FAP moved to new premises, as it boasts not every village of the Tomsk region, - says Tatiana Solomatin. - But you must pay attention to the safety of buildings. Already, because of the deformation of the structure it doors close badly. Building condition must be the responsibility of not only the Department of Health, on whose balance sheet is the FAP, but also local authorities.

Another problem for the residents was the small size of the paramedic station. Before FAP moved to new premises, it occupied an area of ​​more than one hundred square meters. New medical assistant item is much less, so the villagers complain of overcrowding when visiting FAP several patients simultaneously.

It is worth noting that at the moment in the village Basandayka home to more than 800 residents. Some of them served in the local paramedic station, a part of the city.

- I looked journal reception of patients - a day basandaysky FAP visits eight people on average - said Tatiana Solomatin. - However, according to residents, during the vaccination campaign or receiving visits of specialists population the number of patients can reach up to 25 people. In such cases, people have to wait for their turn in the street, which is very uncomfortable, especially in the winter. This issue needs to be addressed competent logistics and a clear timetable receiving patients at the point to take people one at a set time. This FAP for this is quite adapted. We are ready to help staff to develop a paramedic station in patients receiving logistics point. Also FAP staff should properly plan and allocate enough time to visit the sick at home.

At a meeting with residents and activists of the Popular Front was also attended by the head of the rural settlement Mezheninovskogo Alla Zvanitays and chief physician Loskutovskoy CRH Grjaznov Stanislav, who promised the co-chairman of the Tomsk ONF resolve the issues on strengthening the FAP structure and quality of the work of medical personnel with the population.
Tatiana Solomatina Chapter also recommended settlement to pay more serious attention to the need for continuous, expeditious and constructive dialogue with the residents on emerging issues in the village.

- We hope that the representatives of local authorities and health take into account our comments and suggestions, and we will keep the situation in the strict control, - said Tatiana Solomatin.

Currently, the regional office of the ONF prepared a letter to the Health Department of the Tomsk region of the need for a speedy resolution of questions relating to the status and functioning of basandayskogo FAP.

12 February 2016

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