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ONF in St. Petersburg found difficulty in recording children in the first grade

The activists of the Popular Front, whose leader is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a monitoring of recording children in the first grade in St. Petersburg and found some difficulties in the implementation of the procedure.
At 9 am on January 20 in St. Petersburg, he launched a campaign to include children in the educational institutions. As expected, it will bring together a record number of first-graders. This year, once again changed the rules of admission and mean a guaranteed acceptance of the child in an educational institution in the neighborhood of the house, the time of application is now irrelevant. However, frightened by last year’s failure of the internet portal of public services, because of which many were not able to timely file a statement, the parents decided to play safe and organized a “live” line at the charge of receiving documents multifunctional centers (MFC).
As the results of the social audit in 10 districts of the city, hundreds of St. Petersburg had to spend the night at the door almost urban MFC, to get into the first line of the list and head of all. For example, in the Admiralty district Krasnogvardeysky and parents began to gather at the center of “one window” long before their discovery. From six in the morning in a special notebook recorded at MFC in the Petrograd district.
The most difficult situation, according to representatives of the Popular Front, formed in the Kalinin, Vyborg and Primorsk areas where the beginning of the working day social activists have counted 300 people in the queue.
“Even before the work of the center has organized a record with the issuance nomerkov. Parents of the future first-graders were promised that all who are in the queue will be able to enroll in school at ten in the morning. However, the Popular Front is concerned that parents had to re-experience considerable difficulties and inconvenience to to give the necessary documents to freeze in the cold, proving its place in the queue “- said a member of the regional headquarters of the Popular Front in St. Petersburg Artem Sheikin.
According to the expert ONF, the situation and stir could have been avoided if officials properly prepared and informed citizens about all the changes and advised St. Petersburg, living in so-called problem neighborhoods where after the increase in the number of inhabitants has not yet been put into operation new schools. Also, the regional branch of the movement recalled that the Popular Front was in favor of a broad education and direct involvement of the public in the assessment and control of the quality of education.

21 January 2016

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