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ONF proposed to toughen penalties for the delay of salary

Increase penalties not only for employers who repeatedly detain the salary, but also for those organizations that are doing it for the first time, offered the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF).
“The Government’s proposal is correct and I think that we are in the Duma committee on labor on social policy closer look at this bill and make it more rigid. As regards the employers, offenders must act without concessions, because there are cases where there is a delay salary simple workers and at the same time members of the board of directors of the company paying the dividends, bonuses. I came across this very often. It is necessary to make such changes in legislation to increase the penalty for all employers, who for the first time delay labor. Within 15 days after the delay people may stop working immediately, and the employer must impose sanctions. In our country there are companies where people work families and even a two-week delay in wage could endanger the well-being and health of people, “- said a member of the Central Staff of the Popular Front, a State Duma deputy Valery Trapeznikov.
At the last meeting of the government considered a bill according to which penalties for employers, not the first time delaying wage workers can grow as compensation for injured workers. To increase the size of the monetary compensation will apply a progressive scale. If the delay in payment of salaries exceeds six months, the employer will be required to pay it with interest is not less than 1/150 of the key rate of the Central Bank.

20 January 2016

««« For ONF project “name of the hero - School” joined three educational institutions of Tomsk region ONF in St. Petersburg found difficulty in recording children in the first grade »»»

Zimbabwe teachers' salaries increased by 754% »»»
On Friday, thousands of teachers have stopped a three-week strike in Zimbabwe as the government's pledge to increase their wages.
Regions did not fulfill the promise of Prime Minister to raise teachers' salaries »»»
Almost a quarter of Russia's regions have been unpleasantly surprised by the teacher after receiving the salary for September.
Putin has proposed to develop a two-year program to promote education and to raise teachers' salaries »»»
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has proposed to develop a two-year program to promote education in the regions and increase teachers' salaries.
Sent to study the potential of unemployed »»»
Employment Service, together with the Ministry of Education will massively retrain unemployed at the potential cost money.
In Kazakhstan the raise scholarships for students »»»
The Kazakh government has from July 1 to raise the value of a living wage, pensions and basic sotsvyplaty more than 14% (normal stipend will be 7500 instead of the current n 6300!